Mandarin color?

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  1. How do you describe this? Is it orangy-red?
  2. Yes, it's an orangey-red. Very pretty and bright!
  3. Yes its an organgy-red I have it in the Cynthia and I love that color on it.
  4. I just bumped the thread called "Anyone own a Cynthia" - check out post #19 for a picture of V's mandarin one - gorgeous!
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. So what colors would you wear with a mandarin bag ?
  7. White, red/orange, black, khaki...lots of choices.
  8. Practically anything, I agree with Aunt Julie. Also, navy, ivory, browns etc. It is a great pop of color!
  9. I just put up pics of my first ever MK bag. Not sure of the model (3 zip crossbody) but it's def mandarin!
  10. Okay so I ordered the n/s Selma in mandarin ! I hope I like it !!
  11. I just got a lovely Hamilton shoulder bag in mandarin - I wear it with everything! There's nothing so far I can't wear it with. Especially love it with navy and denim.
  12. would you mind posting a pic ? If possible !!
  13. Yep, I'll have a go tomorrow as it's a bit dark now.
  14. Oh yes I want to see it too!
  15. Do y'all think these sweaters match my new mandarin Cynthia?