Mandarian Speedies and the infamous cat pee smell

  1. How common was this stinky problem?

    Is it just for Speedies made during a certain time period and/or location?

    Is there any way to remove the smell?


    I am thinking of buying a used one from ebay and don't know if its worth the risk of getting one with the smell.....but I love the color!! Ugh....what to do...what to do????
  2. Cat pee smell?? Have you had this problem with other Speedies? I dont remember having that problem when I got mine. What I usually do for odor in my bags is first point a fan directly towards the opening. Let it air out for several hours. If that doesnt get rid of the smell I put Arm&Hammer baking soda in a bowl and carefully put it in my bag, close it up, and leave it over night. Just remember to take out the bowl before you pick up your bag or you will have one big mess! LOL
  3. ^^^The cat pee smell was a known problem with the Mandarin speedies. (Not the regular mono Speedies)
  4. Thanks for the info Colleenco, I had no idea:smile:

    Virgo, if you are deciding to get one on Ebay maybe you can ask the seller if the smell is still present?? Maybe since they were the first owners of the bag they might have got rid of the problem. Or contact your local LV boutique and see what they have to say:yes:
  5. :yucky:
  6. I have read about many "cat pee" experiences on the PF and I never understood why, my mandarin Speedy is fine. It just smells like the way I expect leather to smell.
  7. Mine has leather smell too.:smile:
  8. Has anyone else had a stinky Mandarin speedy and gotten the smell out?
  9. I tried everything but nothing worked. The second the bag got warm at all or kept in a closed-in space (like my desk drawer at work), the smell would waft out of it all over again. The various LV SAs I spoke to about it (including the 866 VUITTON folks) is that it's a known defect with the later Mandarin Speedy bags that were made from the "soft" Epi (instead of the original, ostensibly *not* soft Epi).

    It would be great if they had a specific date after which you should be worried, because then you could just check the datecode. All I know is that when I bought mine, it smelled fine (I even opened it up and took a big sniff at the store!) and by the time I got it home after being closed up in my hot trunk for about an hour, it stank. ::weeps::

    I agree that you should ask the seller if it has a smell, and not assume you'll be able to get the smell out completely if it's there. Good luck!
  10. The one I was eyeing was made in France in July 2004. I asked the seller and they said it just has the epi leather smell. They are a MPRS so I guess I should trust them but I am nervous. The idea of having a bag that smells like 'cat pee' sounds sooo awful!!

    THANK YOU FOR THE REPLY!! I really appreciate it.
  11. only the speedy smells? What about the Jasmine, anybody know if it smells?
  12. Hi All,
    I'm a little late in getting an Epi Mandarin and am having 866vuitton do a search for me now.

    In my research on PF, I see something about a smell.

    Was it all the bags in that colour?
    For those of you who got the Mandarin colour - is the smell gone now?

    I am hoping for the Noe !
  13. Very few bags from one batch have a nasty smell, they can be returned to Lv for re-lining or exchange. It is a defect known to LV & they are good about the retuern/repair.
    I have a 30 and it smells like leather, I can check the datecode if you like.