Mancrazy and my unhappy story

  1. I prepaid Mancrazy a few days ago. I was really excited then after seeing restricter's Mancrazy and Tookata's Graduate.

    Just yesterday, my friend and I decided to drop by the LV store. Her SA showed her Mancrazy and told her that the launch is today but she is going to sell it to her early.

    It turned out that it was the only piece in store and the same piece I have pre-paid for. The situation was awkard especially when I realised my friend was very keen. Personally, I was quite upset with the SA for not doing her homework before making an offer that was invalid.

    So even after collecting my Mancrazy today, I somehow didn't feel too good about it. I went down to another LV store for another piece of Mancrazy for my friend. Apparently all the mancrazy in store have been pre-paid and next shipment is in end feb/mar. Knowing her, she won't wait. Now, I have to be sensitive to remember not to carry Mancrazy in front of her.

    The entire episode left a bitter taste.

    Just 2 pictures to share.
    DSC09390.jpg DSC09391.jpg
  2. I hate when something like this happens. You are right the SA should have done her homework before offering to sell it!:cursing: But your friend also has to realize that you had prepaid for it so it was yours. BTW it is a beautiful bag. Congrats!
  3. My friend didn't bring it up again. But you can see that she was really disappointed.

    Thanks! The bag looked beautiful a few days ago, still looked the same but..... maybe it is just me.
  4. aww you poor thing i know what you meen it makes you feel like your bag isnt as special and u cant be as excited about it as you origionally would have been. but hey its an awesome bag so beautiful so just rock it and try not to worry im sure your friend wont be bothered as much as you think. you sound like a really good friend
  5. Hi chinchin, YOUR bag is HOT!!

    Congratulations, you deserve it.
    I love :heart::heart::heart: your bag and thanks for posting the photo's. :ty:
  6. Congrats on your bag you've waited a very long time for it

    I do think you should bring this issue up with the manager imagine if this wasn't your friend but a stranger the bag were offered too your bag would be sold & long gone & you'd have nothing despite paying & wling for it that seriously needs addressing
  7. Congrats on your bag.. that's really disappointing about the SA's behaviour - she should take it upon herself to find your friend another bag since she was the one that made the offer !!
  8. omg! my dream bag.... what are you doing there??!!

    LOL... Congratz ChinChin! You are a very lucky gal. Don't feel bad for your friend; you prepaid for yours... so you should get it first. She will understand :yes:
  9. Beautiful bag, but sorry to hear about your unhappy experience! Congrats though, you have the bag now!
  10. i hope this little hiccup doesn't spoil your enjoyment of such a wonderful bag.
  11. i know. the bag is lovely.

  12. I agree this is bad customer service ... take it to the manager :tdown:
  13. very nice bag! don't be too worried ok, you deserve it and it is very nice. if you do not mind me asking, how much in SGD did you pay for it?
  14. I'm sorry that happened. But the bag was rightfully yours. Hopefully, your friend will be able to realize that. Please don't let this spoil your acquisition. It is a fabulous bag! Congrats!
  15. Enjoy your bag -- you're a good friend and the SA made a mistake -- and should be working to solve it if she wants to keep your friend as a customer. You shouldn't feel embarrassed to carry your bag -- imagine if there were two and you both showed up with it the same day together -- that would feel weird too especially after you preordered it.