Manchester yesterday - but poor Milton and Araline!

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  1. DH and I took a trip to Manchester yesterday - earlier in the week I noticed one of the locks on my Milton shoulder bag had become extremely loose, so I arranged to take in to the Mulberry store there to be sent for repair. Thought we might as well make a day of it!

    The standalone store is lovely, lots on sale including the lipstick colour bags, and LOTS of keyrings/small leathers. Great clothes too, was tempted by a purple dress...

    Didn't buy anything but left Milton there to be sent off. Trawled round lots of other shops, and naturally visited other Mulberry concessions. Selfridges had NO sale stock at all, about one or two purses, that was it, they'd been completely cleaned out. Harvey Nicks had some (including a couple of champagne Bays clutches), and the HOF there had limited stock. However while in HOF chatting to the lovely SA that we noticed a stud on my black araline (which I love) had come off! (it must have been very recent)

    So back I go to the Mulberry store to add it to the Milton to go back for repair. I felt bereft! SAs were lovely, they put my things in a carrier bag and emptied half a tray of counter chocolates into it as well. So now I'm two bags down and wait...

    Only bought the Milton in the last few months and had the receipt, but its highly unlikely I've got anything for the Araline. I do hope they can fix her as I know they don't make them anymore - what happens if they can't? I haven't sent anything for repair for a while, save a roxanne stud AGES ago.

    Anyway, hope all is well on this fine saturday for you all!
  2. Poor you! Hope you get them back soon! I am sure they will put a new stud in your Araline.
  3. I think that they will be so embarassed by you finding the dodgy stud while reporting the other problem that they will sort both out for you free.

  4. Keeled, you are a star!!! One of these is now on it's way to live in the north east with Griddle!!! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Ah Griddle, I'm SO pleased! I think it's sometimes worth ringing round Mulberry concessions to see what they have. Harvey Nicks had a good selction of sale stock actually - including an oversize MAggie clutch which I was tempted by
  6. Thanks again! The lady I spoke to on the phone was soooooo lovely too :smile:
  7. Hi KD, sorry you have two poorly Mulberries. Do hope they'll be back with you soon. At least you were in M/C when you noticed the missing stud on Araline and it's saved you a purpose journey or the postage. If you hadn't noticed until you got home you would have been even more disappointed. Well done on not giving in to sale fever while you were visiting the Mulberry stockists. I'm thinking I've overdone it these last two weeks and wondering what can go back!
  8. Oh no hope all ends well with your repairs. They are wonderful in the Mulberry store.
    I am so glad you had a nice time in Manchester. I am a very proud Mancunian, and think it is an ace place to live! Top town, well sorted!!
  9. Thank goodness the defect on your Araline showed up while you were close to the Mulberry store. Just imagine if the stud had dropped off when you arrived home? Glad to hear they'll be good as new soon.

    Congrats Griddlebone, sounds like you'll have a reveal soon.
  10. Sorry to hear about your two bags going off to rehab!!! Lucky you caught the Araline problem, talk about being in the right place at the right time!!
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    What happened when you returned your bag to Mulberry. A twist lock closure has become loose on my bag and I am having trouble getting it repaired. I have only had the bag a couple of months. Mine is the teal/marine Milton too. The repair department at Mulberry kept it for a month, then returned it saying they couldn't or wouldn't fix it as they don't make the bag anymore. I can't see the logic of that as the twist lock is a signature of Mulberry bags.
  12. That's not good - did you have your receipt? If so they should offer you some kind of compensation if they can't repair it. It doesn't bode well for Araline either then as they definitely don't make those anymore.
  13. Sorry about your sudden loss of TWO of your Mulberries, KO. Fingers crossed they can and will be fixed in no time. :smile:
  14. :Bump:

    Just had a call from Mulberry to say thay Araline can be fixed for £15 - YAY! really pleased as i love that one. No news re. Milton yet, but it would be odd if they couldn't do anything as Araline is older.
  15. So glad for your Araline! Hopefully you will hear about Milton soon...