Manchester LV Rocks


Sep 30, 2013
After reading several posts regarding rude sales assistants in LV stores,and taking on board the comment that they are rude on purpose to make us feel inferior and spend more! I entered the Manchester LV store on Saturday with to say at least trepidation.Surprisingly it was raining which never helps a girl feel she looks her best.Deep breath and I was in,too late to turn around and leave I had been spotted and a SA was SMILING at me.Don't blow it now I perused at a leisurely pace,whilst my stomach churned,more smiles from SA's,has Madam seen our new jewellery....Madam was drooling ....but I kept it together.A wonderful assistant showed me the bag I was interested in,a Alma Vernis and encouraged me to try it on,couldn't decide on colour or size and that is when it happened,I found myself looking in the mirror whilst cradling not one but two Alma's oh the joy.I didn't purchase couldn't decide,but will definitely return to make my purchase as the staff were lovely.So all you LV virgins out there take a deep breath and walk in.