Manchester Chanel - Grey Jersey Bubble Quilt Small Flap

  1. Hello

    Please see UK chanel club - Manchester Branch for a general thread about the chanel in manchester. This is a specific question about something I have bought there.

    I have a grey jersey bubble quilt flap (the smallest flap size) and it was £795. I bought it on xmas eve. I absolutely love this bag but have to admit that I havent used it yet. It is mainly because I wonder whether I will still like this bag in say 5-10 years time and also because it is jersey and I do wonder whether I will be able to keep it looking clean!!
    I wonder whether i would ever be happy about putting it down on the floor - what do other people do with their jersey bags when say, having a meal? Surely, you dont keep it under your shoulders? lol:p

    I am 31 and normally wear a lot of black and grey (and love jersey fabrics and edgy designs like rick owens etc) so that was what drew me to the bag - that it looked quite different to the classics yet was still in classic flap shape.

    I already have a vintage black calfskin quilted bag - same size as a medium flap but it has a triangular flap on the front (but it is not the envelope style). Its about 10 years old and this is what I would use when I want to go for that classic look.

    So I suppose I was just wondering what other people thought about the bubble quilt jersey design? Does anyone else have this bag? Has anyone else seen anyone with this bag? What did you think of it? Do you think price is reasonable? I know it is supposed to be limited edition - but does anyone know how limited?

    There is another grey jersey bubble quilt in manchester shop at the moment - in the glass case as you walk in on the right. It is quite a dark grey. It looks quite different to the black jumbo bubble quilt flap they have in there at the moment.

    I am also very interested in buying a wallet on chain in black lambskin - and wonder whether I would then keep the jersey bag. Financially, I can afford to keep both but wonder if I would need them both? In addition to the vintage bag I already have which serves the purpose when I need a bigger bag?

    Any comments gratefully received. I will try to post pics either today or tomorrow.
  2. hi I realy love the bag you own I saw one in purple yesterday at Chanel- however I was thinking the same thing as you 'will I love that bag in 5-10 years time?' I only try to buy classic bags which I do not have to worry about being outdated very soon. I like the fact that my Chanel bags will last me through many years (maybe not so much my cambon collection)- the point is I wont spend alot on a bag which I will only use for a small amount of time and just have it sitting in my closet- that is a waste of money. The fact that you are not using it says alot- prehaps you dont like it alot and if your scared to dirty it you have to ask your self is it worth keeping? Good luck in deciding
  3. Which one is it? Can you post a photo?
  4. So what do people think? Do you like it? Should I keep it? Will i ever dare use it? Will I still like it in ten years time?

    I also attach pics of my vintage black calfskin bag which I mention in my earlier post.

    Any comments - much appreciated. Either way, I want to make a decision to keep or return this weekend. :confused1:




  5. to be honest, your envelop bag looks much better.....although i own 2 bubble bags, and is a big fan....