manbagz first balenciaga bag !!!! picz

  1. i finally got my weekender even though i only took a week to get here.... i felt like forever, and the 06 leather is goood, better than what i felt of the 08 !
    any way here it is the frist balenciaga item for manbag !!!!
    o6 cognac weekender !

    talk to me ..... tell me what ya think !
    102_4676.JPG 102_4677.JPG 102_4670.JPG 102_4678.JPG
  2. i love it, the leather looks lush
  3. congrats! the leather looks nice and smooshy- I think the bigger bags always look best once they're broken in. Love the color too!
  4. Great Choice!!! This is my all time favorite color B Bag!! I have this color in a few different B Bags! It is such a great Neutral, but with a great pop of color! Congrats!!!
  5. Nice!! I'm loving the color! Congrats!!!
  6. WOW ... that leather is amazing!! Love the colour. Congrats!
  7. You seriously ROCK that bag!!!



  8. Great bag for you! Congratulations on your first Bbag!
  9. its so0o0o slouchy too i was surprised though becuase i was told it wasent brokin in.... but its still got a long way togo !!!
    102_4686.JPG 102_4689.JPG 102_4688.JPG
  10. Absolutely stunning!
  11. very manly manbag!! love it!
  12. lovely. it slouches so well!!
  13. The WE looks great on you! Great arm, too! ;)
  14. Oooh that's such a fabulous choice for you, you look great with it ! :yes:
  15. Congrats Man~ What a beautiful color!!!!