Manbag please?!? 0.o

  1. Ok, so, now, I think we all know that LV is pretty much unisex and usually in most cases, anyone can carry anything from any line and look great and rock it. I had a dream last night that I went and blown a mass amount (origins of this new-found cash were unknown, I just HAD it) on all mono stuff from the Men's line.

    Soooo, first thing I did today online was hop on over to Elux on the Men's side and looked at Mono Bags and Luggage and I found SO much stuff I loved. I think my next Mono purchase will have to be from here. Looking there has given me a newfound love for Mono, and the classic (and some new) staple, historical LV designs and concepts. Here are some of the mono bags/luggage on the Men's side I have fell in love with that I want to carry as my personal handbags!

    Soft Briefcase

    Sac Bosphore

    Porte Document Pegase


    President Classeur

  2. go for the Sac Bosphore first :yes:
  3. I like the porte document! And why is the portfolio for men? As if women don't carry around important papers all the time!
  4. i wonder if a guy could pull off the bosphore?
  5. ^Those are guys' bags specifically!
  6. The Sac Bosphore is more of a travel bag than a "manbag" I believe it's unisex :yes: It shows up on the Women's luggage side too!
  7. I love love love the Porte Document!
  8. <------------loves my sac bosphore, great work bag.
  9. i actually prefer the Soft Briefcase personally, but i think the Sac Bosphore's size and style is more suited for women than men.
  10. oooh nice choices gayle. i'm VERY partial to the damier geant in black as far as man bags go.
  11. Totally! I love them don't you caley!!! I need to look there more, hehe. Get ONE!

    Hehe, I def. agree and see it now Lulu! I know in the back (waaay back, lol) of my mind a lot of the bags show up on both gender's sections, but I went straight to the Men's (from my dream, LOL). I rarely looks at the main LV bag area too. (Mono Women's, luggage, etc) cause I'm usually on ladies MC, or denim, access., or seasonal... lol. I just happened to catch that bag in that particular section and was like, huh! i never seen that.....I LIKE IT! I also just like saying the word manbag, it's cute. manbag. lol...i need sleep. xoxo!

  12. LOL! She said manbag....:roflmfao:

    Of those choices... I like the sac bosphore, but since my first choice will always be damier, I'm going just going to say I like the naviglio, broadway & messenger melville as manbags. *giggle*