managing director... same as manager?

  1. on the card of the sales person that i bought perfume from, it says "managing director" is that the same as manager? just curious.....sorry to ask such a silly question. :rolleyes:
  2. what country? if it is Japan, definitely no. Managing director is the head of the organization, and much higher level than "plain old" manager.

    I think it's the same in Germany, if I am not mistaken.
  3. in the USA...

    so managing director is much higher up?
  4. Directors can have two meanings in the US -- one is a member of the board of director, and the other can be an operational title.

    I suspect that in this case it's the latter -- an operational title. I again would assume that it is higher than manager. I believe directors, asn operational title, usually connote a pretty important position.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE -- please keep in mind that there are no fast and hard rules as an operational title; it can be different from organization to organization
  5. thanks tokyogirl :smile: i thought the highest level in the boutique was manager and that managing director was hermes's fancy term for it.

    what is the difference in manager and managing director? what do they do differently?
  6. At the Hermes store I buy from (in the U.S.), the manager was referred to as "Managing Directress" on invitations for scarf tying events and seasonal trunk shows. The invitations were printed by Hermes Corporate in New York.
  7. No idea how this works in the States but a Managing Director in the UK would lead the board and have ultimate operational responsibility for the company. Can't imagine such a person in the UK selling you perfume! But there is nothing wrong with staying close to the customer. By and large corporate titles in the US sound a bit more grandiose than across the pond - Vice Presidents seem as common as kitchen porters over here.
  8. in the store i frequent in US, the managing director and the manager are definitely two different ladies.
  9. My US store has a manager. I have not seen a card with the title managing director on it so far.
  10. most stores have a managing director and an assitant manager. the exception is madison where they also have floor managers since it is a multi-level store.
  11. At my store, the managers card said managing director. I asked my SA if he was in charge of more than one store and she said, no, he is just the manager of that one store.
  12. so it seems like in the states, the managing director IS the manager then?
  13. Same here.
  14. This is what I was told.