Managing Curly Hair

  1. Ok so Ive often seen a few posts here about people with stick straight hair who want some curls. I get so frustrated because all Ive ever wanted is straight hair but unfortunately God gave me thick, curly hair that takes an hour to straighten (no its not my straightener :p). Does anyone know of some techniques/products that will help me straighten my hair faster but does not require using a lot of product so that my hair feels disgusting? Also, I play volleyball and when I put my hair up (when its curly) about 15 minutes in a game my hair goes POOF!!! Not very attractive. Any suggestions? Last thing I swear- I normally wear my hair in a simple ponytail/bun everyday because I dont want to spend an hour everyday straigtening my hair. Are there any other options I could consider?

    So sorry this is long but Im fed up with my hair! :sad:
  2. I can offer sympathy and advice, for I too have super, super curly hair. All I can say is: stop fighting it. Especially in the warm/humid months. Embrace your curls and do what you can to make the best of your curls. Lucky magazine says curls are now "in" so look at it that way. Be sure to get regular trims, deep condition, apply defrizz products while hair is wet and dry gently with a diffuser. So many people seem to envy us curly girls, so we might as well make the most of it!
  3. I would kill for thick curly hair, LoL I have straight hair and have always wanted it curly. I guess the grass is always greener on the other size, hehe :rolleyes:
  4. Lori-I would wear my hair down curly but they are not the best curls...the top part of my hair does not curl at all and the bottom super curly. It looks very odd. Lol cherthompson! If only you knew how difficult it was! :p
  5. After 25 years, I finally admitted to myself that I'm a wavy/curly girl. I tortured my hair for years to straighten it and get it sleek, just to have to get 'frizzy'... which was really just my hair trying to be itself - curly. I knew I had some wave to it, but I also thought they weren't the 'nice' curls, until i started trying different drying techniques.

    Using a gel (i NEVER liked gel until recently) on freshly washed hair, i gently scrunch a bit in, then twist in about 6 sections all over the top layer, which is where i was having trouble forming a good curl pattern. I air dry as much as possible, then the last step is my beloved diffuser attachment (if you can get one with 'fingers' they can left the root and will help to encourage a nicer curl i've found). If by chance i used a bit to much, i can just press it with my hands and it softens up. Ive even been able to get second day curls out of it!
  6. I, too, have finally embraced my curly hair. It's wonderful and unique, and it's SO much healthier for your hair to not be straightened every day. I save it for special occasions, and it looks amazing when I do it b/c there is virtually no damage.

    I live in the South, it's humid, it's sounds like a curly hair disaster. But after trying pretty much every product out there, cheap and $$, this is what I've found:

    -I only wash my hair with shampoo maybe 3x a week. If I need to re-wet/refresh it, I only use conditioner on the ends. I LOVE the Bumble & Bumble Curl Concious shampoo and conditioner, but it's pricey and Pantene Curl Enhancing works just as well.:tup:

    -I work a teeney dab of Frizzease into my hair, running my fingers through it to loosen the curls after I take my hair out of the towel.

    -Final step is "scrunching" with Garnier Fructis curl hancing MOUSSE, or the Loreal Springing Curls mousse if you can still find it. I despise gels, lotions, cremes, etc.. Mousse is great b/c it doesn't weigh your hair down but it tames the curl. I start with my head flipped over and scrunch mousse into all of my hair, then I flip it to each side and scrunch, then stand up and toss all of my hair back and find my natural part. A little fluffing at the roots so it won't stick to my head, and VOILA! Perfect curls when they air dry.:yes:
  7. Thanks ladies! I havent been using a diffuser so maybe thats the problem...
  8. I loved L'Oreals Curling gel! why did they discontinue it? i can't find anything that gets my curls the same way.

  9. Oh my gosh,I thought I was the only one! That was literally my HG product, why would they discontinue it?!
  10. I have very tight curls and I use Fekkai Glossing Creme which works really well on my hair. It controls the curls, defrizzes and does not leave my hair crunchy the way gel or mouse does.

    I also tried Ojon's Hair Tamer the other day and it seemed to work quite well as well.
  11. I have long thick naturally curly hair and when I was young I wanted smooth straight hair and tried everything to get it, only to be foiled by humid weather, etc. Now I wear it curly and get compliments all the time. If you are interested in embracing your curls and getting suggestions on how to manage it, check out Lots of suggestions on products, etc.
  12. I also stopped fighting my curls! Its so much easier. I no longer dread rain. It makes my curls tighter! Sami has a GREAT mousse for curly hair.
  13. Conditioner Only washes are a must for my crazy curls! (google this).

    I never wash more than 2-3 times per week. More times two, sometimes 1 with a few CO washes instead. I pay attention to what my hair needs. After years of getting it chemically relaxed, I have finally learned to love my curls.

    I use a good leave in conditioner and I swear by Carol's Daughter products (the Hair Milk and Black Vanilla Leave In are awesome!) And now and then, I use coconut oil as a hair mask.

    When I do straighten, I use Biosilk and Redken Smooth Down. These seem to be the only things that seal out the Florida Humidity.
  14. Well, I also hated my curly, frizzy, poofie hair:shame:A couple of years ago I discovered Bumble and Bumble, I ONLY use the one for curly hair, shampoo, conditioner, then curl conscious curl creme. I AM IN LOVE!!!! My hair is so soft and no more fizz!!! It smells incredible and I really have tried everythign out there, Im also using Morroccan oil, which is awesome in itself, however, my favorite is still my Bumble and Bumble curl creme:heart: I have never found anything even close to this.
  15. Conditioner Only washes are good for some, but unfortunately the 'no-poo' system didn't work for my curls and actually made the limp, greasy and horrible. I think that curly hair girls can be divided into two groups: the all natural crowd that prefers not to shampoo and the crowd that can use SLS, silicones and other ingredients without any problems. I fall into the latter group.