Manager rolled her eyes at me! *UPDATE*

  1. So I went into the store where I got my wedding rings, I wanted to get a new mounting for our anniversary, and one of the diamonds needs fixed on my band, and I was looking at other ones, when out of nowhere, my husband stormed out of the store...I just though the baby was being fussy until I left and he said when I was looking at the rings, the MANAGER walked over to the other SA and shook her head and rolled her eyes!!!!!

    When we first got there, the SA that looked at my ring was flas out RUDE and would not send my ring out because I was "imagining" (as he put it) things!

    So the AM was finally free (she usually helps me) and was showing me the rings when the other manager rolled her eyes at me...

    Boy does that PMO!! I wish I would have known that was why my husband stormed off...I would have said something to her!

    What should I do in a situation like this? Let it go, or call customer service? We were the only ones in the store at the time, and my husband they were looking at pointing then did it and that is why he got so mad.

    We spend so much money here! I am always in there...which makes me madder!

    I mean, next time I go in there, I could say "Do all your managers roll your eyes at people?" She was the manager, so I cant complain to her...but should I call someone to complain?

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. I would definitely call to complain (but it's the manager being rude, so you may get no results) and not give them your business anymore.
  3. I would call the owner of the business to complain about the customer service and also about the problems with your ring. I would then speak with DH about storming out the shop and leaving you to deal with the situation on your own. He saw the rude behavior. Maybe he could have pulled you aside and talked to you about it and you both could have done something at the time.
  4. i didnt know until after I had left...Im not sure I can call the owner, as this is a diamond store with stores everywhere...

    i am mad at him for not saying something too!! I wish I had known!
  5. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Regardless of how much money one spends at a store, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I think it would be appropriate to let the next level of management know your experience with their level of service. No one deserves this type of treatment (can you imagine what they may do to others....?)
  6. If this is a chain of stores, then they will have different levels of management. Find out who the manager of your store reports to by contacting the corporate headquarters. You should be able to make a complaint to someone higher up in the chain of command. Good luck with this.
  7. Even if she is the manager of the store, she has a boss. I'd flat out ask her who her boss is and how you can get in touch with him/her. That will make her sweat too!
  8. I agree with what the other have said, you need to get in contact with this manager's boss. If it was enough for your hubby to walk out its enough to make a complaint.
  9. You need to make a formal complaint to their corporate office. I work in luxury retail and this behavior is unacceptable. They will want to know about your experience. That is the only way it can be corrected.
  10. Yes, I agree too. Call the store tomorrow and ask for the manager and then tell her that you would like to know who she reports too. OR, just look up the customer service phone number online. That should be relatively easy to do. When you do get to the manager's boss, make sure you make them look up your account and see what a valuable customer you are.

    I agree that it shouldn't matter if you are a customer who spent $1 or 1 million dollars. However, its even worse when you have been this faithful customer and you get treated like this.
  11. I would call and complain. If you call customer service they should be able to direct you to the district manager that handles that particular store, that is probably who you would want to complain to. Good luck!

  12. Yup, I was going to say teh same thing.
  13. thank you!! Ill update!
  14. Wow- that is so rude! I definitely call and complain!
  15. write a letter to the manager, copy to the owner, copy to corporate address

    copy everyone. not acceptable.