Management numbers?

  1. Can any of you knowledgeable ladies out there tell me what the following means

    Tag with management number
    All HERMES Handbag HAVE

    Have seen on couple of auctions

    Many thanks
  2. I dont think I've ever seen a management number on my Hermes handbags so I'm not sure if that's legit information.
  3. Me either!
  4. I think the seller is talking about the sku number and he/she might have used the wrong choice of words. This number is usually on the price tag but under normal circumstance, the shop will keep the tag and will not include it with the bag unless they have mistakenly left it inside the box.

    However, I would be very dubious on whether his/her bag is authentic or not.......

    Hope this helps.
  5. I agree with HermesAddiction. I was told by my SA that they have to keep the tag. I think it's one of the ways that they keep track of what's being sold.
  6. That's why I never get the tags. It so nice to have them as remembrance. I did get the one for my Kelly because I insisted, but without the price tag.
  7. That's why I didn't get the tag for my Bearn! How bout if we want to make a return? Without the tag and just with receipt? Hummm...
  8. In the receipt, it normally says which item you bought.

    I don't know about where you live but here the tags are not attached to the bags, belts, silks, etc.. It's just simply placed inside the bag for reference.
  9. yes, same here in the US.
  10. Management numbers?, the only thing that would make sence is, if the person is refering to the year/id stamp. otherwise I have never seen any other#'s. I only buy bags at hermes :flowers:
  11. Yes, we're talking about he sku-price tag of the bag....I just bought a Birkin from the boutique and I asked the SA if they keep tags, the SA said "no" and that they just throw them away. SA asked me if I like to have it, of course I said "Yes"!
  12. You're lucky! I wanted to keep the tag for the Bolide but my SA said he has to keep it ... I would've loved to keep it for sentimental value (that was my first Hermes bag).
  13. That's weird:roflmfao:! Cuz, I did ask my SA if they keep tags to track items purchased, and my SA said they just throw them away. And I asked, if tags are not with products, how would they know what is being returned? My SA receipt and "oh we hav 'records'!":sneaky:

    I think it's just a know what I mean:sneaky: