management consultants and travel?

  1. I know this career has fewer women than many others and was wondering how you ladies feel about this career and how to balance it if you're not a single person?
  2. Well, depending on the policies of the places you work, travel can be extremely rewarding. I get all of my expenses paid, and bonuses on a sliding scale dependent on how many days I'm billable.

    I usually only see my DH on the weekend, but that gives us both plenty of free time to do our thing during the week and on the weekend we have a lot of adventures.

    It's temporary though, if you ever plan to settle you will have to move to a different position in your field. I could not imagine having a small child and traveling.

    If you do it, I would advise that you both get phones with a full keyboard and unlimited texting, also internet access on your phone. DH and my best friends are with me wherever I go, thanks to my phone. I send them pictures of the crazy things I encounter in my travels. ;)

    Also, make sure you sign up for EVERY rewards plan out there. You will rack up miles and points at hotels. It takes a while to get stuff for free, but rewards programs have levels of memberships that you climb up with greater points, and that results in perks like free drinks, room upgrades, and airtravel upgrades.

    Anyways, if you have any questions just ask.
  3. Thanks so much, purly! Yes, I was wondering about all this because I am with my boyfriend almost everyday, and in 10 years I see myself with probably a child or something, and though this is all cool with me now I didn't know what to expect. I know there are a lot fewer women in the analyst levels manager or partner than the entry levels...
  4. Do you feel like that you could handle that schedule and traveling NOW?

    if your answer is yes, i'd encourage you to get into MC if that's what you think you want to do. Figure it out later when you have kids etc. don't limit yourself NOW based on what you think may happen later because you don't know what will happen later....

    having MC experience will give you access to alot of opportunities later if you decide you want a different lifestyle.

    my friends that are MCs are usually back in their base city over weekends and as purly said, they get to see their SOs over weekends. or they can fly their SO over during the weekends.

    weekends with SOs is sufficient. and that's what i'm used to in my relationships. of course it'd be a big change for you to go from seeing someone everyday to just the weekends. that why i ask you whether you think you can cope with that NOW.

    and there are also times when you're not on an assignment and you'll be at your base city the whole week ... my friends travel alot but not all the time KWIM?
  5. Well my BF is going to be doing this for Deloitte and im so scared, I dont think Ill ever see him! Ill update and let you know how it goes! :heart:
  6. I personally couldn't handle it. I have tons of friends at McKinsey and BCG. They travel like crazy -- and not necessarily to glamorous places. If you finish your case early, you can end up with a week off, which is a perk. The pay is fairly good, and the hours aren't as insane as in finance. At BCG you're "flagged" if you work more than 65 hours a week. It's a super competitive industry to break into, though, if you want to work for a top tier firm, though I guess that goes without saying for nearly everything life! Are you already in consulting?

    Maybe management consulting is not the same as what McKinsey and BCG do? I've only heard of "consulting" not "management consulting" specifically.
  7. Thanks so much everyone! I had been preparing to go to graduate school but I am really just not into it as much as I had believed, and am looking into consulting positions. Yes, I would be a career changer, but it's an early change because I'm 24. I had conveniently "forgotten" about the travel requirements of consulting (yes, McKinsey, BCG fall under management/strategic consulting)...and with the amount of time I am with my bf now it's hard but I had been prepared to be long-distance with him had I gone to school.

    And about the rankings, I know vault ranks the top 50, but what does "top tier" mean? is rank 45 bad or good?