Managed to depot my barbie eyeshadows today :D Pic inside >>

  1. [​IMG]

  2. I have de-potted all my shadows, including the Barbies... I love that pro palette. I have four. They changed my life! :yes:

    I see you have Moth Brown. Do you love it?
  3. How do you de pot them? I have always wanted to try , I am a huge MAC fan and have over 130 eyeshadows
  4. A candle, an xacto knife and a fork you don't mind ruining... that's all you need! :yes:
  5. Yes Jayne, it's gorgeous, it's so much more pretty on than in the pan I'm only on my 3rd pro palette though, but i have 2 4's lol, :p

    Anyway, I use a candle, fork, and tweasers for mine :smile:
  6. that looks so cute.
  7. Okay , do you use the candle to heat up the adhesive so it releases easier ? :confused1:
  8. Yes, I snap off the plastic part of the shadow (the thing that holds the pan) and then put it on a fork which I hold over the flame of the candle. Once the plastic starts to smoke, I know I will be able to pry the metal pan away from the plastic. I use the xacto knife to push it up so I don't have to use my fingers. It only takes a minute or two to de-pot.

    Then I immediately push the plastic thingy back into the original shadow container and snap it shut.

    Then it goes back to Mac (with 5 others) for a free eye-shadow. :smile:
  9. ok, so i'm an idiot why do you depot them. i don't use eyeshadow and am clueless.
  10. It's just easier to use and see them when they are all laid out in a palette and it's especially nice if you place them in the palette according to the colour spectrum.
  11. Thats very beautiful!
  12. oh my its sooo hot!!

    barbie collection comes out next week!! so ill definatly buy some goodies
  13. Great instructions, fabulous collection - would love to see how it looks on you. The pink and white are so pretty.
  14. I don't have many MAC shadows in pots, but I've been reading about depoting on other forums. I think that it's really smart and if you have the time and patience to do it, go for it!
  15. I love your barbies!
    I must get a pro pallette!