Manage cards with a cles or a bigger wallet?


    I would appreciate your thoughts on my problem. I have extra cards that won't fit in my Monogram compact zipped wallet (6 cards in it right now, if I want I can put 2 cards in each slot in this wallet but I don't like the look of it ) so..... I bought a groom cles.

    Now I'm having seconds thoughts if I should just get a bigger wallet so that it will have everything instead of having to manage 2 things (compact zipped + cles). If i go this route I'm thinking of the pochette wallet....

    I'm torn because I really like my compact zipped wallet as it's small enough to fit in my smaller bags and if I get the pochette wallet, that means I won't be using the compact zipped as much..

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
  2. I think you should go for a bigger wallet and perhaps use the Compact Zipped Wallet every now and then?
  3. ^ ITA! How about a zippy or eugiene. They have loads of cc slots and come in lots of diff. materials. Mono, MC, Damier Ebene and Azur, Epi, Suhali, and Nomade!
  4. If you love the zipped compact wallet, why not get something else to put your other credit cards in? I had the same problem with my koala wallet so I put my extra cards in my pocket organizer.
  5. Get a bigger wallet
  6. I don't think there's anything wrong with your current system if you don't use the cards you keep in the cles that much- but if you do, I'd definitely get a bigger wallet and use the cles for change.
  7. Do you need to use all 6-8 cards on a daily basis?
    I've got a french purse that holds 8 cards (I THINK, can't remember not looking at wallet at the moment sorry) but I have a separate cles for the cards that I don't use very often, like membership cards/reward cards.
  8. I have tons of cards too. Try either the CC holder, or a Business card holder, both of which is small enough to fit into the small hidden zipper compartment in most bags. Whip it out only when you need those cards!
  9. hmm..I had the same dilemma a couple months ago but mine was opposite. I have the pochette wallet but needed to downsize sometimes, and not everything would fit in my cles + I bought the MC porte-monnaie billets and I love it..but 4 of my cards doesn't fit inside which is okay cuz I hardly use them anyway. i think it's good to have ONE BIG WALLEt and ONE SMALL WALLET. so I say go and get a big wallet too...pochette wallets are awesome! I love 'em! and zippy's too, but that might be too big for you.
  10. I myself manage two wallets...sort of. I have a Multiple for my bills and a few cards, which I keep in my man purse and a card case for the overspill which I put into my pocket. It works; you just have to be on top of where you put things.
  11. I have an Ebony pochette wallet that I love. Everything fits, even the cards I don't use very often. Fits a lot of coins and very roomy for receipt etc.
  12. I was actually going to do as you did, as I have many cards to keep so I thought I will get the Pomme Ludlow and the Groom Cles. :lol:
  13. I think you should get a bigger wallet, you could always use the compact zippe when you only need to carry a few cards. I have that wallet and very seldom use it now because I carry alot of cards as well. Currently I am using the mono eugenie (I love it) and switch off from the zippy and pochette.
  14. I do the same.. I have an extra cles that I put cards in that I dont use all the time .. just keep my wallet cleaner and more organized.
  15. I would get a bigger wallet. If you only need 12 slots then go for the Eugenie, or if you want a few more slots go for the Mahina Amelia wallet (it's gorgeous!!)