Man vs. Wild

  1. on the Discovery Channel is awesome. I learned how to make a compass using water, a leaf, and a piece of wire.
  2. I love love love Bear Grylls! I have been an avid fan for a long time now... Not only can he do anything, he is damn HOT! :smile:
  3. This man! This MAN! Omg, I love him. He can do anything! Can't wait for the new season...did it start yet?
  4. New season starts this Friday! Love this show too!
  5. That was seriously something I'm sure I learned in 6th grade but completely escaped my mind when the previews prior to the commercial break mentioned it... Apparently I wouldnt be able to survive if my life depended on it! ...which i guess it would... hahah
  6. I love his sexy accent!
  7. Love this show! It's like Survivor & Fear Factor rolled into one. I sit in amazement at the tips he teaches. Bear is cute, I have a little crush on him :shame::rolleyes:
  8. Bear is pretty hot! :love: I'm always amazed by some of the stuff he does.
  9. OMG I though I was the only one that was obsessed with this show! I watched it all afternoon on Sunday. One of the ones I watched was where he was in the Sahara Desert and he ate some kind of spider and a scorpion! YUCK! :throwup:

    Did anyone see the show which chronicled him flying over Mt. Everest using a paraglider! It was beyond amazing! I'm kind of obsessed with any kind of shows in which people climb or have anything to do with Mt. Everest as well, so for me, this was thrilling! I also discovered that he was the youngest person to climb to the summit of Everest and survive!

    I love Bear although I don't know that I'd want to kiss him with all the disgusting things he eats and drinks! But he is pretty sexy! :p
  10. I would so make out with him even after he ate like spiders/scorpians/babies/etc.
  11. I would like to see that. Was it on discovery or TLC at one point? I'm the same way I like to watch the shows about people climbing Everest. I see they started another season of climbers on the Mt. Everest show but I've been missing it. I just watched the first episode and the real big tall guy is back for another attempt.
  12. i missed it friday night!!! it's on at the same time as womens murder club! the episode that was on at 10 was the one where he drank the fluid from elephant dung! i dont think i would kiss him after that....weeelllll maybe:love:
  13. i love this show!
  14. It was on the Discovery might be able to go online and watch the episode on their site. I just flipped over and I'm now watching the one where he's treking across Kenya...and it looks like he just drank from elephant dung...:yucky:

    My husband and I watched a couple of those episodes of people climbing Everest. I'll have to check it out! I really enjoyed the shows I saw last season.
  15. I finally caught the episode of Bear flying over Mt. Everest last Sunday. Crazy! I can't believe he did it with some motor propeller on his back. :wtf: His friend flew as well but had complications with his. Luckily he landed safely. I couldn't imagine ever getting up enough courage to try something like that!

    I didn't know Bear had a wife and a couple of kids. Since he does all these crazy things I thought he was still a bachelor.