Man Turns Blue. From inside out.


    PICTURES at link, I can't get them to paste here. He's really BLUE!)

    Man turns blue
    By Duncan Hooper
    Last Updated: 6:23pm GMT 20/12/2007

    An American man's attempts to cure an irritating skin condition backfired when his face turned blue.

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    Fair-skinned Paul Karason developed dermatitis as a result of stress 14 years ago and decided to treat it using silver extract.

    Paul Karason's says he has moved states and avoids public places

    The substance is usually consumed orally but Mr Karason also decided to rub it into his peeling skin to accelerate the effects.

    According to the 57-year-old, the effect began so gradually that neither he nor he friends noticed the change at first.

    He told US television that he is now so embarrassed about his condition that he has moved states and seeks to avoid public places.

    Proponents say that colloidal silver, the substance Mr Karason says is responsible for his changing hue, can help boost the immune system and help prevent diseases. It has even been touted as a treatment for AIDS and cancer.

    However, the US Food and Drug Administration has rejected most of these claims.

    The FDA notes that use of colloidial silver can cause a condition known as argyria, an irreversible discolouration of the skin.
  2. I saw that this morning, he looks like blueberry girl from charlie and the chocolate factory. His skin looks really nice and smooth, it's In the video I watched this morning he seemed really nice and shy too. poor guy
  3. :wtf:

  4. I've heard of cyanosis - or blue baby syndome . . . it's when the blood doesn't get enough oxygen, giving the skin a bluish tinge. Once there's enough oxygen, the skin color returns to normal.

    I don't understand people. They talk about how they don't care what color someone is, whether they be black, white or blue. Well, this guy is literally blue, and he's treated like a pariah.
  5. Wow! I am really surprised by those effects. That poor guy, it's too bad that he's so self-conscious about it (but I can't say I'd want to be out in public, either). I hope he's able to go on to live a normal life.
  6. I saw this on the news last night, its quite fascinating IMO.
  7. Maybe he is just really sad.
  8. I saw this on the Today show this morning - it's almost unbelievable!
  9. I used to have a teacher in high school who was blue. not quite as blue as that guy, though, but blue still... I never knew his name, we only called him 'the blue man'.
  10. Obviously people stare, but the article doesn't say he's treated like a pariah. Regardless, people stare and treat people differently according to how they look all the time. It doesn't make it right, but it is human nature to be curious, and, sadly in this case, it is human nature to be repulsed by things that aren't there natural color, whether they are food or other human beings. Studies reflect that people naturally avoid foods that aren't their natural color, even if they are assured they are safe. It is likely that we have some sort of inherent idea of what color people CAN be, so people are shocked and likely somewhat frightened by someone who doesn't fall within that range.
  11. :wtf:
  12. omg Hubba, I love you. :lol:
  13. I saw this and thought my brand new tv's is acting up. Then I saw flesh looking people in the background and thought in a theatrical kind of way, lighting him (Gel cans) would be extremely difficult.
  14. Says he was treating a skin condition caused by stress with a silver extract. I've heard of the extract, some of the "herbal" people here swear by it for internal health, but this guy did it both way, hence he's turned himself blue.

    Hubba, I knew you'd have a comment! LOL!
  15. Oh man, I am having a major "Being John Malkovitch" flashback here :p