Man throws bucket of red substance into Rome's Trevi Fountain, escapes

  1. Fri Oct 19, 2:25 PM

    By The Associated Press

    ROME - The water in Rome's Trevi Fountain has briefly turned red.

    Witnesses say a man threw a bucket of red paint or dye into the famous fountain today, colouring the waters of the 18th century monument bright red in front of a crowd of astonished tourists and locals.

    The man escaped, leaving the fountain, which normally runs on a closed cycle, spouting red water.

    Police arrived at the scene and technicians briefly shut off the water before restoring a clear flow.

    The monument, designed by architect Nicola Salvi, has been a tourist hotspot since Federico Fellini's 1960 movie "La Dolce Vita," which featured actress Anita Ekberg seductively splashing in the fountain's waters.

    Many visitors flip a coin into the fountain, as tradition says that doing so promises a prompt return to the Eternal City.

    The news agency ANSA reported that a box was found near the fountain containing leaflets by a group that claimed responsibility for the act.

    The leaflets said the red paint was a protest for expenses incurred in organizing the Rome Film Festival and symbolically referred to the event's red carpet, ANSA reported.

  2. Rome's Trevi Fountain flows blood-red in 'anarchist' protest

    Fri Oct 19, 3:05 PM

    ROME (AFP) - Self-described anarchists on Friday poured dye into Rome's Trevi Fountain, turning the water in the tourist magnet a bright blood-red, an AFP reporter witnessed.

    Leaflets left around the fountain referred to the RomeFilmFest which opened Thursday in the Italian capital: "You wanted just a red carpet; we want a city entirely in vermilion" before denouncing the event's 15-million-euro (21-million-dollar) budget.

    They added: "Today we give birth to a new violent conception of life and history, which exalts the battle against ... the toadies of false power, slaves to the global market."

    The statement was signed "FTM Azionefuturista 2007," in what appears to be a reference to a futuristic art movement founded in 1909 which Mussolini embraced as the official art of fascism.

    The tract said the group opposed "this grey and bourgeois society ... We who are vulnerable, old, ill, students, workers, we come with vermilion to colour your greyness."

  3. Defacing a landmark like that is just f***ing stupid. People are idiots.
  4. It's certainly a way of getting people's attention, but suppose they damaged the statues or the fountain?

    There are other ways of protesting without putting landmarks / artifacts / works of art at risk.
  5. :wtf: Oh no, not the Trevi fountain!

    What a jerk. Protest? How selfish. :mad:
  6. ^^ It's fine. It's running clear water now. They shut the fountain off and then turned it back on again.
  7. just seems kind of pointless.
  8. What an A**H***.
    That fountain is incredibly beautiful, and to have it vandalized like that is unthinkable to me....

  9. I typed something and edited it out, referring to eco protestors putting masks on statues of Chinese soldiers. I guess I didn't edit it fully.

    My point was that people who use monuments or works of art as part of their protest cartainly want to get people's attention, but why run the risk of damaging those things just to get your point across?
  10. was the dye permanent or have something in it that would damage the fountain/statues?

    perhaps they should've just taken pics & then photoshopped the RED in & handed out leaflets....
  11. Oh no! the Trevi Fountain is such a beauty and I was lucky to visit the fountain about a week ago. This was reported in the Australian newspapers today and included a photo.
  12. I agree. I'm getting tired of these people trying to make their points by defacing property, throwing paint or feces on people, and other crazy things. It makes them seem like jerks instead of concerned citizens.
  13. I dont think thats the way to go about it, they are probably going to anger more people than do any good. They could have damaged the fountain!
  14. Stupid as*hole craving for attention..ugh!