MAN Stuff

  1. for all the men out there, what is your favorite piece of louis vuitton?
  2. Don't have one as yet but I really like my Graffiti Keepall and my SS05 LV Initials scarf.
  3. I'm not MAN but, I LOVE the Graffiti Linge^,especally the Alma.
  4. I asked my bf and he choose Tobago, Damier Geant, Keepall Mono & Damier and Bastille ;)
  5. Bastille :heart: effortless style.
  6. VASLAV for me.
  7. Olav pm!!! perfect size for all ur needs!!
  8. My fave piece of LV? I have several, but will only name a few:

    -LV Initials Isfahan in Ebony
    -Khaki Graffiti Keepall
    -Porte Documents Vertical
  9. luggage
  10. EPI agenda. =)
  11. Epi keepalls are really nice, but i also love all the damier ebene, damier géant, and most of the monogram stuff as well. Too hard to choose just one!!!
  12. My DH love the taiga line, especially the luggage
  13. I'm not a man... but I LOVE the Soana Saccoche :drool:
  14. my man loves the hardside briefcases!
  15. Anything from