Man shoots wife dead in hospital...


    My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's for the last 5-10 years of her life, and it was absolutely heart wrenching. I completely understand and sympathize with his motivation to do something so violent; however, he must go to jail, of course. It's just sad that the old man found the best solution to the problem was to kill his wife point blank, and go to jail for it.
  2. Wow, this is very heartbreaking... but shooting her three times? That seems less like a mercy killing than a murder... I wonder if this man suffers from dementia himself. This is terrible, I wish both that man and his wife peace.
  3. This is so incredibly heartbreaking. It IS so very hard to watch someone you love suffer so... I am all for physcian-assisted suicide when it's hopeless... (I even asked my Uncles' doctor about it when Uncle developed terminal brain cancer, alas he said no) and I think the government makes it impossible to be compasionate to people like this.

    Yes, the man knows he'd be arrested for what he did... but seriously, it's got to be the most incredible sacrifice... to love someone so much, you'd give up your own freedom and everything else to stop their suffering.
  4. Wow......... I don't know.........

    I watched my mother waste away from cancer. The most difficult experience in my life, to see what I did and.....when she took her last breath I said, "thank you, thank you". At that moment there were no tears as I knew she was finally at peace and her suffering was over. I can't imagine what it must be like to see your loved ones suffer and slowly deteriorate over YEARS......I have such empathy for anyone who suffers from such pain. We should all be so lucky to have a quality of life and when it's our time...... just go to sleep one night and not wake up. Peace.
  5. WOW...My lovely, once incredible fashionista Grandmother is suffering from Alzehemiers right now and its been awful. She is not the same person at all. This disease is nothing but hell. That man must be in alot of pain. Sadly it causes nothing but so much pain for all invloved in this disease. How truly tragic.
  6. wow... I'm sad for them both.
  7. Umm . . . I understand his feeling on not wanting to see her suffer . . . but my grandmother had alzheimer's and there's no WAY I would have considered doing something that drastic!

    That being said, what he did was a pretty drastic measure, and there's such a thing as euthanasia (which I'm for, without getting into reasons why) but hospitals don't want any part of that, so that poor man was stuck.
  8. Shooting her was not the answer, but I really feel for both of them. That must be horrible.
  9. I don't think shooting her was the answer, either, but in his mind, desperate times called for desperate measures.

    Maybe there could have been a less violent solution.
  10. this is just so heart breaking...
  11. That's really sad. Alzheimer's is truly a horrible disease. I can't even imagine what it must be like for someone you love to not even be able to recognize who you are. :sad:
  12. This is very sad.

    It reminds me of a case a few years back of a poor woman whose husband had Huntington's Disease. For those who aren't familiar with this, men are affected and live a completely normal life until about 40, when they lose motor control, eventually end up in a nursing home and die within years. This is inherited genetically, and BOTH of her sons ended up having the disease also. It was torture for her to watch her entire immediate family get wiped out by this illness.

    And apparently, her two sons, who had seen their father suffer, had told their mother to kill them if they ended up having the disease. She shot them in the hospital, from what I remember.

    Similarly tragic, tragic story...:crybaby:
  13. i remember that story as well, it happened in Georgia. i think it's incredibly heartbreaking to watch people you love so much suffer. i completely sympathize.
  14. thats kind of an extreme way of relieving her of her misery. why didnt he simply ask the doctor to just pull the plug?

    how can you sit there and shoot a loved one, and then wait? so much i dont understand
  15. And wasn't there just a story about a man who threw his terminally ill wife out of a balcony because of her suffering and the mounting medical bills. sad.