Man Serves Genitals To Diners Who Knowingly Eat Them

  1. :shocked:

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  2. So many levels of wrong! First of all, wouldn't he keep his gentals for urinary purposes? Second of all, how would you ever think of such a thing as eating them??
  3. ummmm ok...

    how does he pee?
  4. People do eat the testicles of other animals. Take Prairie Oysters, for example.

    But, you know, they're not people testicles.
  5. At least they knew what they're eating. He could have not told them. Otherwise it would've been like that scene in Titus Andronicus where Tamora unknowingly eats a meat pie made with the flesh and bones of her murdered sons.

    It wasn't until she was close to finished did Titus tell her what was actually in that pie.
  6. I prefer my food testicle-free, thank you.
  7. This whole 'event' sounds so nonchalant as if it were like an annual Christmas dinner wtf. I was thinking the same thing everyone else is, which is how the hell can he go #1 now? This guy seems incredibly off needless to say. I don't see the need for an asexual person to have their nipples cut off either.
  8. Wtf??!!
  9. He got all his bits cut off at 22? I didn't know my *** from my head at 22. How can someone be so sure?!?!

    And it's just revolting.. The people eating his bits.
  10. He obviously has a serious mental illness. I wonder if he had a psych evaluation before having his parts removed. And eating them??? Serious. Mental. Illness. Him and the people that ate it. :sick:
  11. Are we sure this isn't another hoax? This is just too unbelievable. Though there sure are some sickos out there...
  12. He can urinate just fine. Guys don't need their testicles to pee. It goes 1) kidneys, 2) the ureters (tubes that go from the kidneys to the urinary bladder), 3) bladder and 4) urethra.

    The testicles are used for the production of sperm and the male hormones, mostly testosterone.
  13. He cooked his penis.

    He wrote on Twitter: ‘I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen (£800).
  14. Oops. I didn't read that part.

    . . . So there wouldn't be a urethra. So then I guess he'd use some sort of catheter.
  15. Lol yea...also I think the first article had a typo. I googled it and it said the man had a sex change
    So they must have made female parts for him and this extra male genitals he didn't need anymore. Still, wtf eating it!?!