Man purse

  1. When traveling is it ok for a guy to use a man purse? aka murse?
    Especially as a carryon for essentials? i.e. tickets, phone, newspaper, ipod....
  2. Why Not???
  3. why not???

    My bf has several LV messenger bags in Taiga leather. I thought those are cool.
  4. I think it is definitely okay!!! :biggrin: A little sexy too depending on the bag ;)
  5. I have a new LV messenger bag--I only wish my hubby would wear one!!!
  6. "It's European!"
    - Seinfeld
  7. I think the murse (man-purse) phenomenon in North America is pretty conservative. Most of the time, if you do see a manpurse, it's of the Vuitton pochette gange type, sling around back small sac. I think it's great for going out for errands and the such. has a great set of man-bags sent in by a reader, scroll down and look at the labelled Louis Vuitton pictures. I think whomever sent it in definitely has style and taste !
  8. Here is my hubby's "man-bag" as we call it. He uses it every day. Being a musician, he's very in touch with his feminine side.;)
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  9. I so remember this eposiode!!! :lol:
  10. I think it's best for a guy to just use carry-on luggage or a briefcase. That's JMO.