Man pays $171.32 in ovedue library book fees

  1. Man returns book he checked out as 9th-grader in 1960, pays US$171 in late fees

    Sun Jan 7, 6:48 PM

    HANCOCK, Mich. (AP) - Robert Nuranen handed the local librarian a book he'd checked out for a ninth-grade assignment - along with a check for 47 years' worth of late fees.
    Nuranen said his mother misplaced the copy of "Prince of Egypt" while cleaning the house. The family came across it every so often, only to set it aside again. He found it last week while looking through a box in the attic.

    "I figured I'd better get it in before we waited another 10 years," he said after turning it in Friday with the US$171.32 cheque. "Fifty-seven years would be embarrassing."

    The book, with its last due date stamped June 2, 1960, was part of the young Nuranen's fascination with Egypt. He went on to visit that country and 54 others, and all 50 states, he said, but he never did finish the book.

    Nuranen now lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches seventh-grade social studies and language arts.

    The library had long ago lost any record of the book, librarian Sue Zubiena said.

    "I'm going to use it as an example," she said. "It's never too late to return your books."
  2. im suprised thats all he had to pay.. i would have figured it would be much more
  3. The article did say it was lost from the records, so maybe they worked something out.

    Is anyone ELSE reminded of the Library Cop from Seinfeld? (Jerry held onto a copy of The Tropic of Cancer since high school! He was a library delinquent)
  4. Good of him to be so honest. If it had been that long for me and they didn't send me letters, I would just keep it. :whistle:
  5. I'd drop it in the bookdrop with a note that says, "I checked this out in high school and kept it this long. Sorry!" and run
  6. sheezee.. that's a lot of dough for not returning the books on time... then again, i borrowed a book and di not return until 2 yrs later.. luckily, i didn't pay any dues.. hehe
  7. That's nice :smile:
  8. Think that was pretty decent of him, the library staff would have changed by a couple of generations....:smile:
  9. i suspect it was a clever way to make a donation to the library -- one would certainly hope a man in charge of teaching 7th graders would be smart enough to know he didn't really have to cough up 40 years' worth of late fees . . .
  10. The money does not go to the library!! I am on our local library board and all overdue fines go to the city or village coffers. I am not sure if this is the same throughout the county.

    If you are unsure - check with your local library when you are checking out a book. I was SHOCKED to find this out! I had always figured that I was making a "donation" to the library and didn't mind paying the overdue fine. Now that I know it's just another "tax" I get those books in on time. I pay enough in property tax already - I always write a donation check directly to the library every year.
  11. WOW!!! I have never heard of someone who returns after such a long time.
  12. What a nice guy!!!