Man On Wire - Documentary

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  1. We just rented this on iTV... and it is, in a word, phenomenal.

    The story is great - and it's fabulous how the people involved did it simply because they wanted too, and for no other reason than that.

    It's so worth watching..... there was actual footage from when the World Trade Center Towers were built, and when you see the men cheering when it was all finished.... it will bring tears to your eyes.

    It's an amazing story, with plenty of humor and real emotion going on.
  2. Bueller? Bueller?

    No one? :shrugs: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!!

    Now go watch the trailer on iTunes :police:
  3. LOL okay i'll check it out!
  4. wow that does look interesting. he must have nerves of steel.
  5. I saw the trailer and I looked very promising. I'll check it out.
  6. The subject of the documentary was just on the Colbert Report a few nights ago.
  7. I saw this when it just came out, i found it and watched it, i think the way the story was told was amazing, cuz it involved the people feelings at that time too so it drags you on the story till the end that you wanna know wut hppns.

    i think that it was very nice that they included the WTC gettin build and the way this person actually waited for it , that gives a sentimental value to the documentary cuz his dream came true.