Man, oh man, I think I'm hooked on Smoking Slippers! Chanel 2012 Fall Flats Reveal

  1. True! I'll keep my fingers crossed too in hopes there will be lots for you to choose from (but not overwhelm)!

    The shoes are dreamy!! My DH keeps telling me how much he loves them too (I told him not to get any crazy ideas!). :lol:

  2. I am thrilled for you, Pursebop!! :yahoo::yahoo: Will you do some mod pics too when your special pair arrive? I want to see more mod pics of these fantastic flats!!

  3. That's such disappointing news from your SA, demicouture! :sad:
    I just PM'd you with some information. In the meantime, I'll inquire with my other store contacts about their stock and international shipping.

  4. Thank you! :smile:
  5. Ha ha... hubby sporting Chanel smoking slippers?? OMG! I can just SO imagine it already!!! :tpfrox:


  6. thank you so much!
    i am on the case and will report back!!;)
  7. has anyone else got these and would care to share sizing info?
    i have reserved half size up from my usual chanel size...

  8. just a little update:

    so excited, i ordered them and they should be on their way!!!
    excited BEYOND words, now i hope they fit!!!
  9. Mine will ship tomorrow, I have been away,so delayed my delivery :smile:
    Very excited to see and try, I ordered just from seeing your thread cocosaphire....
    Just hope they fit :smile:
  10. yay to us BOTH!!
    i imagine you are just as excited as me!!
    i got mine from Neimans Beverley Hills..
  11. Woah the leather looks gorgeous!!!

  12. Yaaaay!!! Let's start the countdown!

    Thanks ladies for the update (was wondering what happened to you)! So excited for you both, and I'm holding my breath that you will have an awesome fit! I'm thinking that perhaps shopping for shoes might be more difficult than shopping for jeans! :faint: As I mentioned earlier, they run small, I took a whole size larger than I normally wear (unfortunately, Chanel shoe sizes can be inconsistent).

    Thoroughly enjoying mine, and getting lots of wear and compliments too! Sincerely hoping your outcome will be a positive one! :tup:
  13. Congrats! That's where I bought mine, I just saw your question related to sizing - I tried 39.5 - my usual size and 1/2 size larger but they were too large. What size did you get? Two weeks ago I was told that these shoes are selling very fast and they just have a view pairs left altogether.

  14. Thank you! And they feel sumptuous!! :smile:
  15. so excited i am now following their tracking!!!
    they should be here tomorrow!!
    and i got half size bigger than my usual size, hoping they will fit:cool: