Man, oh man, I think I'm hooked on Smoking Slippers! Chanel 2012 Fall Flats Reveal

  1. Have a great time in Paris! :party:

    The ban could cramp your shopping style, but BE STRONG!

    With my penchant for shopping, it's always difficult to visit Paris without making a major purchase! :sad:
  2. Thank you, poppyspell!
  3. I'll go with the resolution to only pick up ONE major item.... the only problem is that it will be ONE item for me, one item for hubby, one item for DD, one item for mom, one item for dad.... etc...

    Ha ha.. Ha...

    But you are right that I have to be disciplined..... and thanks for your appreciated support.....

  4. The smoking slippers look so good with the items you've paired them with. I'm sure eveyone on the forum will take a second look! I saw them earlier this week at NM and noticed the quilted pair. Enjoy!
  5. wild for smoking slippers ~ these r simply TDF! LOVE...must find these!
  6. omg!! fab fab fab!
    i am heading there now and will have to make sure my SA finds these pronto!

  7. Congrats, they look great on you
  8. do you by any chance have the code/reference for them?:flowers:
  9. Nice..congrats.

  10. Too funny! I can relate, we always have to purchase items for the loved ones back home. Wish you all the best with your resolution!
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    Aww, thanks for the compliment, so sweet of you to say! They've really added a spin to my wardrobe! When I got mine a week ago, the NM SA said they had just arrived a couple days prior, so they're starting to hit many of the NM stores now.

  12. They are awesome and they suit almost any fashion style!!

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you find your special pair very soon!!

  13. Thank you, demicouture, they are so fashion-foward! :coolio:

    I hope you're successful in locating a pair! I provided the style number, etc., in an earlier post in this thread... I think it's on Page 2.


  14. Many thanks, allbrandspls!! :smile:

  15. Thank you, bjorn!