Man Needs Help with Chanel Bag!

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  1. Hello and thanks for looking. As an anniversary gift I want to gift my wife a Chanel handbag. She has no idea about the gift and I have no intentions of asking what she really wants, as I want to keep it a surprise. Will err on the side of caution here. She is 32, and loves Chanel. However, for some time I've been taking cues from her and get a feeling that the Chanel Classic Quilted Mini Flap in Black Color (i feel so proud writing this) is what she really wants. She already has a LV daily wearer handbag, but doesn't have any "formal" handbag to wear with long dresses on nicer outings. So I finally gutted up to drop the $2900 on it and called a few Chanel boutiques and to my surprise the black classic quilted lambskin is a unicorn, nobody has seen it in forever!

    1) Where can I find it?
    2) What other Chanel mini/small bag do you think can pose as a classic as well that I can get my hands on.

    Would love to hear your recommendations, and remember, this would be her only Chanel bag so I can't go to any crazy colors...Black i think?
  2. How very thoughtful! Minis are seasonal and go fast. You can reach out to some sales associates about getting on some waiting lists for one, but there is no telling how long that can take. For a first (and possibly only) Chanel, I think the M/L Classic Flap would be best. It is versatile and works well for casual and dressy occasions. If crossbody wear is important, the small/225 size Reissue would work too (but if she likes the Classic style better, I would stick with the M/L Classic Flap). You could go for a wallet on chain if smaller is better, but they hold very little and aren't nearly as versatile as the Classic Clap and Reissue. If you are near a boutique or authorized retailer, perhaps you can go in and have a look at your options. Good luck deciding! I'm sure your wife will be thrilled with whatever you choose.
  3. FunBags, thanks for reply. Pardon my ignorance, but M/L you mean either Medium or Large Classic Flap? Are those always available? What is the "reference" number/name and what is the approx retail price. Also, stupid question, but you can never get a sale discount on chanel handbags correct?
  4. That's so thoughtful of you, I know that currently Hirshleifers has black minis, give them a call ASAP! Or try PS dept which is a personal shopper service.

    As for other small bags as funbagz mentioned a ML flap would be a great option too.
  5. Saw pics of the M/L flap and I think she would like that too.

    But I don't know what really is the the M/L. Is it a code for either Medium or Large? Or is there such a size as M/L. What is the retail price?
  6. It's for the "medium/large" size, which is between the small and jumbo flap!

    I believe the retail price is $4900, which is quite a bigger jump from the mini flap.
  7. Thanks.... I saw a size comparison but I truly think what she wants is the Mini size. Judging by the size of the bags she taken on formal outings, the M/L may be a little too big. She fits there a lipstick, powder, cellphone and wallet.

    I called Hirshleifers (thanks for the lead MsPing), but the Small Mini Flap they have in stock has the "ruthenium" silver old looking closure, which I am not a big fan of.
  8. how thoughful of you!! wow, i am so impressed you were able to write out mini classic flap!! haha my hubby was the same way... had NO IDEA about any designer handbags before we got together and now he can identify the majority of the major brands and even ID the name of the bag/style!!! hahha i'm so proud of him!! anyway, from what you're saying, i think your wife would love a mini - now the question becomes SQUARE or RECTANGLE. the square ones have a shorted strap drop which means it'll hang higher on someone who's taller. the rectangle has a longer drop and is more suited for taller women. i'm only 5'1" and although i LOVE the rectangular minis and the WOCs (wallet on chain), i had to sell mine bc was way too long on me and hit way below my hips.

    as far as current stock is concerned, i would advise you call the Chanel hotline 1-800-550-0005 and describe exactly what you're looking for. the operators are SO helpful and can literally help you find a needle in a haystack if it exists!! if you're looking for shiny gold or silver hardware, you're probably gonna have to end up on a wait list bc that combination is not coming out for Fall Act I. but you may get lucky and find old stock at a Chanel boutique or department store somewhere. i always say if there's a will, then there's a way!! i would say call the hotline and see if they can help. GOOD LUCK!!!
  9. She is 5' 7", and likes wearing bags cross body I guess rectangular for her. Will call the 1-800 chanel number and give it a try. One million thanks!
  10. Such a thoughtful husband you are! My husband just got me my first Chanel too for my 30th birthday - and he was initially just gonna walk up into the store and buy something, but then decided to take me along. But since you want to surprise your wife completely, you could look at something similar to classic mini but different - and if she doesn't like that, you can always go exchange or get store credit and then put a hold on a mini - because as others said there's no saying how long the wait could be.

    Since you asked if there's anything similar in small that could also work, the bag I got is called Mademoiselle Vintage. The size is similar to a classic mini, maybe a little bit bigger. They have it in black, navy, white and burgundy. It's seasonal though, it's not classic but what I liked about it was 1) it's a bit similar to the classic without being the same bag everyone carries (nothing wrong in it, I do love classics) 2) the shape and design are such that even though a seasonal piece, it won't look outdated.
  11. I have an SA that is getting a Classic Black Lambskin Quilted Rectangular Mini with gold hardware soon and also have an SA that currently has a Classic Black Lambskin Quilted Square Mini with silver hardware if you'd like their info please PM me. You mentioned the price of $2900, does that mean you're looking for a square mini?
  12. Does she want a rectangular or square mini? rectangular mini is $3100. square mini is $2900.

    What type of leather does she want? Lambskin, caviar or patent?

    What hardware does she want?
    Silver, gold, ruthenium, shiny ruthenium?

    You can check out the finds thread and keep a look out for minis that are posted there.
  13. Thanks a billion for all your help. I love the look of the Mademoiselle Vintage as well, and may go that route. Gold or silver accessories would not matter.
  14. Oh...and rectangular.