Man needs help with a gift

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  1. first, Thanks for coming to my aid. I want to surprise my girlfriend with a bag for her Birthday March 5. She has been looking for a handbag for Spring/Summer 06 but has had trouble finding one that she likes.

    Here are the requirements:

    1. Must be under $400
    2. Must have a top closure - zip,flap, something. but must close completely.
    3. Must be SMALL. The bags she uses are similar to the Vuitton Pochette size - 10" x 6" x 2" 'ish. Anything 11" wide is too big for her.
    4. Must look good for day or night. Can wear at the club or at the mall.
    5. Spring/Summer color preferred.
    6. Must hold up to wear and tear - she tends to throw her bags on a chair or on the floor when she's in a hurry (which is why it has to close all the way)

    As you can tell, I've had some trouble trying to find something suitable. Any suggestions? I personally like the Marc Jacobs style with the outer pockets or Michael Kors with the rivets, but I'm not the one wearing the bag.

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. How about the Dior Saddle pouch ($250)

    Or the Epi LV pochette ($335):

    Or the Botkier Trigger Clutch ($465 - I know, it's over $400..but another idea for you)

  3. this dior pochette comes in just under budget at $390 and also comes in a variety of colors, the spiringiest of them being the orange


    its dimensions are 8.5" x 4.5" x 3" and is made of canvas and leather and zips on top as well as having an interior zip pocket
  4. Hi Excal-your g/f is lucky to have a b/f like you! I believe the following LV Epi Pochette Accessories meets your criterias. It comes in red, mandarin (pleasant orange color), myrtille (I think that's what they call the blue one), mocha and black color. Epi line is very sturdy and sure will last her years and years. It's also one of their classic items. Won't go out of style. Very easy to take care of and will look new even after few years of use and has beautiful matching suede lining inside. I think most MJ bags (even small ones) go well over $400.
  5. Bottega Veneta woven mini bag in white is 335.90$ because of a SAKs website error. Just add the white one to your bag, and the price changes from 560$ to 335.90$ !

  6. does that BV zip all the way shut?

    I'd say get her the little LV too. The epi ones are classic.
  7. OMG Ayla! That is hilarious. I've wanted the white one so bad~~I really shouldn't have seen the post you made. I want it so bad, but I need to hold myself back and test my true willpower on this one :cry:. I told myself no more bags until next year (that is, of course, the minute after I had pre-ordered the Chloe Edith in whiskey via 2 days ago...:lol: ). I'm going to take a break and step away from the computer for a couple of minutes and resume.

    Excal- This BAG is GREAT! This is another classic. (but I think the top doesn't have a full closure~~~)
  8. Thanks! I went with the Bottega pricing error (I want her to think I paid full price - I'm sneaky like that). If Saks gives me any grief about the price or if she doesn't like it I'll go with the Louis Epi or one of the Coach bags. Thanks for the help!
  9. FYI, if you are thinking of a LV, the prices are going up on some of the pieces in the next few days (21st or 22nd?).
  10. Good call! Hope she likes it!:biggrin:
  11. Haha.. good call ! :amuse:
  12. Good call! Did you already place the order?? You can get 10% off if you use the SHOPFEB code....
  13. wonder if the hobo also does that :lol: then I can get one:lol: :lol: