Man-made materials?

  1. How do you all feel about them when it comes to footwear?
  2. I prefer not to buy shoes from man-made materials, especially when it comes to boots, flats, and other closed-toe shoes. The only reason is because they are uncomfortable, do not stretch out well, and don't last as long as genuine leather.
  3. My problem with man-made materials is that my feet don't tend to breath well in them. I don't like sweaty feet. :nogood:
  4. if it's a man-made sole, I prefer it, since it doesn't get ruined by rain/bad weather easily. But when it comes to upper, I only buy leather. I can only accept man-made upper if it's a strappy sandal.
  5. Ok. Good points. It's just that I was thinking about buying some boots for half the price of leather ones (just to try the size out). I just can't see myself spending that kind of money on faux leather though. :girlsigh:
  6. Personally not opposed to man-made materials, but it's a no-go if it smells like chemical. Some up-scale man-made materials do not smell like chemical, and the design is fabulous. I wore some of them when I used to be a strict vegan. However, they don't really have lasting power. They don't store well and become unwearable after one season.
  7. I always prefer leather - it just molds to you so much better
  8. Depends on the material, but usually they fall apart faster.
  9. I agree with everyone. I got some man made material heels because they were soooo cute. They are terrible, so uncomfortable and make me so tired everytime I wear them so I dont wear them anymore.
  10. Ok. I think I'll start off with leather flat boots and see if they stretch from there.
  11. The closest I get to man-made materials are my crocs and my rainboots.

  12. Yeah, at least my crocs can breathe, and they sometimes need to!! But they are great when I'm refinishing furniture on a hard concrete floor. Much easier on my back. But other than that, I try and stay away from stores that smell like plastics at the door!

    (Although I confess to making the occassional Payless forage when I'm back in The New World, for a summer colour sandal hit!):lol:
  13. Oh yeah, and sandals. I don't really think twice about wearing my Havaianas. They're so darned comfy.
  14. Some synthetics squeak.. definitely not something you want when you're strutting around in a hot pair of shoes :p
  15. no. for all the reasons stated above and also because fake leather will never look half as nice as real, even if they are designer. the only man-made shoes i wear are rainboots and textile shoes.