Man-Made Material!

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  1. Recently purchased a Fossil Sydney tote made out of cow-hide trim and man-made material. Does anyone have more information about the man-made material they use? If it's PVC, do you consider it safe? I was hoping it was coasted canvas (made with less PVC, but I don't believe it is). I have always purchased genuine leather handbags. But this purse was adorable. Whenever I read man-made material I always think the worst. I know back in 2010, CEH investigated top retailors and found a crazy amount of lead in handbags.
  2. Fossil too? Oh my...
  3. I was a bit shocked when I got the bag. I purchased it off of Poshmark so the details aren't as descriptive as it would be on the actual store page. I'm a little disappointed.
  4. I bet you are.. Not sure about poshmark, is it a reputable seller?
  5. Poshmark is an app and it's great for purchasing and reselling.
  6. I am stuck with a pair of cole haan sandals which were sold to me at the cole haan outlet as " leather" and cole haan website described them as " synthetic leather". What are they smoking???
  7. No doubts then and it is not a counterfeit/replica... Sad.
  8. Where do they get synthetic leather? From plastic dino at toys are us?
  9. I don't trust Poshmark. Fakes are on there as well.
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