Man Jumps To His Death in San Francisco

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    Man jumps to his death off of the forever 21 building on Market and Powell, SF.


    "On Tuesday afternoon, a man crawled out of an apartment window. He stood on the ledge above the Forever 21 store at Powell St. near the cable car turnaround and, eventually, he jumped. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    But this is only part of the story. According to the SF Examiner, a large crowd watched as the man contemplated his demise. Some people tweeted about it. Even more horrifying, others encouraged him to jump, said passerby Terence Prasad, of San Francisco. (**The Chronicle and SFGate elected not to report on the suicide)

    Online commenters who say they witnessed the incident paint a similarly disturbing picture. They describe the callous reaction and behavior of bystanders. At the same time, posters expressed with startling honesty the trauma of seeing the suicide while offering an outpouring of empathy, perhaps making up for the sickening lack of humanity yesterday and reminding us there are still many good, decent people out there."

    I was working a block away when this happened :cry:
    I'm sad to learn people taunted him and encouraged him to jump *sigh*

    The society we live in sometimes saddens me to no end...
    May he rest in peace :sad:
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    Wow, how depressing ! I am a San Franciscan too, so the fact that the fellow residents of my very own home reacted so poorly and inhumanely pains me deeply. That location, right next to the cabble car, is the very tourist oriented location, so that could explain the large crowd that watched him. It doesn't, however, explain their disturbing behavior.

    I remember I was walking in a Richmond area once and someone collapsed. While the ambulance pulled up and started saving the person, all the tourists from Golden Gate park stood around and took pictures of the whole thing like it was some sort of show. I was very disturbed.
  3. Wow, how sad. What is even more sad is how the crowd reacted. I had higher expectations of the human race than that.
  4. It's really sad how desensitized we have become as a whole. I hope those people are happy now, actually encouraging him to kill himself, we have come so very far.
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    We're a brutal species to an extent and can be so far overrated for being "good". There are so many true stories that contain a large number of bystanders that do absolutely nothing to help rescue when witnesssing from afar a woman getting raped, a man getting beaten, etc. These bystanders are not gang members or part of an organization supporting the event, but rather just random strangers, much like you or me or anyone. We can express how much compassion we feel for something, whether it be genuine or not, but when a tragic event like this comes along, how would we really act and/or feel at that time, esp. with the influence of many other people around us?

    I'm sure there are very decent people out there, but I do wonder if the percentage is a bit meager when it really comes down to it.
  6. This is so sad, suicide is never the answer. The fact that people were egging him on only makes it worse. Makes you wish that they could be charged with assisted suicide!
  7. I could never sit there and watch someone jump to their death! That is absolutely disgusting and its not funny
  8. Oh sad. :cry:

    People really do disgust me.
  9. I didn't hear about this. How tragic. Unfortunately, our beautiful city has plenty of high places from which to jump so this isn't anything new. People jump off the Golden Gate Bridge every day and they do not report it in the news.

    I wish we had more social programs to help people in need.
  10. maybe they were egging him on to jump in a sarcastic manor? either way its heartbreaking.
  11. if a person is ready to take their own life, what makes you think that they would reach out to programs that can help them?
  12. I can't believe people encouraged him to jump that is disturbing. I would not sit there and watch him jump.... I could not imagine seeing that image.
  13. That's so sad. In regards to those who encouraged this poor man to jump, just goes to show you what's really in the hearts and minds of some people these days. They'll pay for their actions and they are too stupid to know it.
  14. I agree. Imagine how much worse they feel now knowing that he was serious. =[ So disgusting and unbelievable.
  15. Terrible! And it is horrible how people reacted....