Man In Tom Cruise Extortion Plot Found Dead

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  1. hmmmmm..what does it all mean.
  2. Xenu has spoken.
  3. Well the moral of that story - don't piss off the Scientologists!!!!
  4. Xenu is a vengeful god. Tom is Xenu's chosen one. To offend Tom is to offend Xenu him(her??)self. Xenu has stuck down the offender with a mighty blow from above, and made it look like suicide.
  5. oh dear.......:s
  6. yeah. I wonder if its like one of those ex-CIA agent "suicides" - did he strangle himself with a phone cord? did he shoot himself in the back?
  7. Don't mess with the scientologists, they'll kill ya!

    Seriously though, that's sad.
  8. damn! thats crazy
  9. "Xenu has spoken" :yes:
  10. Very strange...
  11. weird...
  12. A good friend of mine actually knew him. Word on the street is that he was quite depressed to begin with, he knew he was not going to have any money or place to live when he was going to be released from prison.
  13. ...hence he killed himself...?