MAN I waited a WHOLE year for this?! I just lost a 100 dollars in the process!!

  1. Some of you may know how much I've been wanting the paul smith messenger, been talking already about how to accessorize it, etc. It finally came in today.. and I can fit in it. It's HUGE, the edges look horribly raw with the leather and its just not attractive at all. And now with shipping internationally, and insuring and again shipping, I'm out over a 100 dollars. Man this sucks!:crybaby: I never want to order online again!
  2. I'm so sorry! It's so hard to buy online, esp when you can't see the proportions.. and after your MJ fiasco with Elux, I can understand your frustration. If you're not happy, could you sell the bag on Ebay and make your money back?
  3. Oh no! Aarti, that really sucks! I'm sorry. It is hard to buy online but it is the worst when it is something you've been looking forward to for a while.
  4. I've never sold on ebay, so I'm not sure if people would want to buy from someone who has 0 feedback. :sad:
  5. I am so sorry, what a disappointment.
  6. Really sorry for you. I hate when stuff like this happens.
  7. Oh no, sorry for you!!!
  8. I really feel for you. This happened to me COUNTLESS times, mostly from eBay and I have lost so much money... I really hate to think about it!

    I no longer shop online for ANYTHING. Just quit, it is not worth it at all.
  9. Aarti, so sorry to hear about what happened. It's such a letdown for you!
  10. sorry for u. :sad:
  11. you can consign to a MPRS.
  12. So sorry about how you feel - that totally sucks. Can't you return it?
  13. I sell handbags online and have not had the first return or problem. Of course we ship UPS and make sure they put all the packing and of course it's in its new wrapping. International shipping can get expensive so I do suggest buying from someone in the same country.

    Buying online can save money on both the product and taxes. Many sites like us give free shipping on orders over $100.

    Don't give up. Find an online store that gives good service and stay with them.

    Ebay?????? Never sold there.
  14. Nah the bag wasn't over 100 LOL, it was 300 something, and then with shipping it came up over 400, but I loose both shipping plus having to insure it. What is an MPRS?
  15. This happened to me so many times.. im located in the middle east and i order from neimanmarcus all the time.. now 60% of what i order didnt turn out to be what i thought it would be! internet picture can be deceiving