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  1. Help please.... with ideas!

    Post your thoughts here for Valentine's or gifts in general to give men/bf/dh/.

    Or for the men on here, what kind of gifts do you enjoy receiving? I need some fresh ideas for the opposite sex.

    All suggestions are welcomed & very much appreciated!
  2. That kind of Gs. Headline little too ambiguous for me! :sweatdrop:

    How about a cashmere scarf?
  3. I think the only way through a man's heart is through his stomach. cook him a delicious dinner, and afterwards, give me a massage. if he is into electronics, buy him a gift card from an electronic store too. *beware circuit city*. if you CANNOT cook, buy something home, and set it up. it looks like you just cooked it. just make him feel special. :heart:
  4. :lol:Please accept my apologies, it's Sunday:weird: