Man Clutch

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  1. Hello Once again PFers got a question for you. As you all know I am fan of the man clutch. I feel its so practicable I use my epi dragonne cluth, Antugia Pochete plate and Monogram Pochette Compiegne almost every day. What are your views on it should I stop while I'm ahead. For the rest of the straight guys out there do you think it's ok for me to keep using mine. I am a city guy so in NYC its acceptable to use the man clutch but do you think in certain areas its considered wrong?
  2. Model it for us, big guy!
  3. dont have my camera lol otherwise i def would.
  4. MODEL IT MODEL IT! who doesnt have a cam phone these days? ;)
  5. I don't see how sexuality determines what's ok and not? Just go with your gut and your general style and you shall have the answer. =P And of course, if you model people can help tell you if they think it looks good or not.
  6. Why not get a damier messenger bag? I have the brodway and it makes an excellent all around bag. Can be slung across the body, or carried by hand. By far my favorite messenger bag from LV. Just a thought. And being in the city it is the perfect size to hold all sorts of odds and ends that are needed throughout the day.
  7. ok ok let me get ready and not look like a slob than ill get my moms camera
  8. Model it Mike! I can't imagine you not looking fab.
  9. DO IT!
  10. OK here is a modeling pic lol i look like $hit cuz i just woke up lol yea i know its almost 3:30 here. But excuse my sloppyness!! [​IMG] My other clutch the mono will be here on MONDAY!!! Ill do much better modeling pics than!!
    222 307.jpg 222 290.jpg Picture 005.jpg lv-x33-09sm.jpg
  11. VERY NICE! haha LOVIN' the audi keys! haha AND OMG I LOOOOVE the antigua!
  12. You look hot Mike!!!! You are rocking it!
  13. Thanks lol i had to quickly make my bed!!
  14. I love them both! I know you rock them! As you said NYC, you're good, here on the west coast, the midwest, maybe not.
  15. oh sweetie, i like what you got!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.