Man charged with killing hotel's duck...

  1. A Denver man was charged today with a felony count of cruelty to animals after he allegedly ripped the head off a tame duck early Saturday at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown St. Paul.

    After he was arrested, ***, 26, belligerently told police that he worked for the federal government and "when this was over, he would have the officers' jobs," according to the complaint filed in court.
    *** asked if he was in trouble, and when told "yes," he responded, "Why, because I killed it out of season, big deal, it's just a ... duck," the complaint said.
    The Embassy Suites owns a number of tame ducks, which roam the pond area and walkways in the hotel atrium, to entertain guests and visitors.

    A security guard told police saw *** corner one of the ducks against a brick wall, grab it and wrench its head off, the complaint said. *** took the duck's body to the hotel's fifth floor, where he was held by security until police arrived. The duck's head was found in the pond; feathers and blood were strewn about the lobby, and *** had blood on his shirt, the complaint said.

    A police report said the incident happened about 2:30 a.m. After killing the duck, *** then reportedly told astonished onlookers that he was hungry.
    "It sounds like there was quite a bit of alcohol involved," said police Sgt.

  2. First ducks then 10 years later they are digging up bodies from his yard. Sicko.
  3. What a horrid person. Words fail cruel and unnecessary. Why do people do these types of things?!?!?!
  4. Poor helpless little duck! :sad: This makes me sick! There is NO hope for such an EVIL A**HOLE like that! Someone should rip his head off! I hope he rots in hell!
  5. What a disgusting human being he must be to do something like that. So disturbing. Poor duck :sad:
  6. :crybaby::crybaby::wtf:That poor little duck, my goodness, I didn't know any human could be that vile and evil. That man deserves life in jail,
    stupid a*$#@*&
  7. The local news channels showed him walking out of jail this afternoon. :mad: His lawyer says that he is a 'good guy' who feels bad, blah, blah, blah.

    My friends and I are so mad, like the rest of the community. The ducks have been part of the hotel for so long and are used to people. This is where they live inside the hotel:
  8. Wow. So impressive. He must be such a big strong, brave man... or he could be a pathetic w@nker with a teeny tiny microscopic penis. Methinks the latter. What an a$$hole.:mad:
  9. dear god.....
    I agree with Selena tho... he is a psycho in the making.....
  10. I do not understand; even though it is just a duck like he says, WHY would he do that?? What is the point??
  11. physchopath!!.. wats up with him... Is he to be sentenced to jail or not? i hope he is.. with a hefty fine to go with it..
  12. The guy who killed the duck is horribly disturbed. He needs to be locked away for a long time and to get back on whatever meds he obviously forgot to take. Thankfully, he did not get this horrific compulsion about a child- I would not doubt that somebody who could do that to a duck could do that to a person.
  13. What on earth possesses people to do something like this? Sicko IMO and needs help.
  14. What a jerk. I hope he loses his big, important job with the government!
  15. What a disgusting piece of dirt this thing is, I hope he suffers in some way or other! Scumbag!