Man carrying a Speedy

  1. Yesterday i went to my friends house to drop off some documents and her dad came downstairs. He was on his way to work and i noticed something a bit strange. He was carrying a SPEEDY!!! So naturally you know i had to start questioning. He had a 35 and he carries his work documents and treo in the bag when he goes to work. He said that he doesnt like conventional briefcases and that he picked it up when he purchased his wife a speedy 25. It didnt look funny, i suppose because he was dressed in a suit, i dont know. What do you guys think? Is it strange for a male to carry a larger speedy for work purposes?
  2. what type was it? Was it a mono, epi...?
  3. really interesting... is he good looking? Good-looking people who can carry themselves well can get away with almost everything! Even when wearing a black bin bag!
  4. i saw a few times ... i think its quite alrite, just dont carry the small one
  5. was mono. And he is quite dapper, i just never seen a man carrying one before and it caught me off guard. He definately carries it with confidence.
  6. Confidence is good.

    Now, I'm trying to imagine my man carrying it. But I'm not fond of Mono....
  7. well, Bryan Boy looks really good in his Speedy!
  8. is crazy!! He is so funny! Yeah my friends dad definately is not walking around looking like Bryanboy, i dont think his wife would be having that! LOL!
  9. i have seen a man carrying a damier speedy before. Looked quite normal, its not a particularly feminine bag, so i thnk men can pull it off for sure.
  10. I would wonder . . . personally. I sure wouldn't want my SO carrying one! (LOL!)
  11. Im a guy and I would not carry one. The only one I would use would be the speedy 40 as a travel bag. But If someone feels confident enough to carry one, then let them. :smile:
  12. Yeah I think a man carrying the 40 would be just fine. Hell, if he wants to carry a 35, well, thats fine too :p
  13. I'm not going to let my husband see this thread...I get the "look" when I ask him to carry my keepall (45) when we are traveling, he does it, but he is not jumping up and down.

    I think a speedy on some guys is long as it works for them. Around here in rural New isn't gonna happen though!
  14. I have to admit it looks like a women´s purse to me. Some people are just fabulous and get away with anyhing though, like Bryanboy as someone already mentioned.
  15. I think confidence is half the battle won. :yes: