Man bags what to get my hubby?

  1. What bag would you suggest to get my hubby? Do your men use a messenger bag or the likes? I have seen 2 Mulberry bags but want to expand on the ideas.
  2. lol..i wrote a post on my blog about murses 2 days ago! i love them! my guy carries a messanger bag for his computer only.
  3. Was it a blog here at the Purse Forum ? I would like to check it out :yes: He won't let me buy him one until he knows its cool for a man to have a bag :roflmfao:
  4. no, its my blog. its on my signature. and theres a really cool web site he can check out..its all there for u!
  5. Brilliant .... thankyou . I've bookmarked the site :smile:
  6. your welcome:yes:
  7. My BF makes all kinds of wisecracks about me and my purses, and how much I carry in them on a daily basis. Yet and still, he carries his backpack. In it is his wallet, toothpaste, toothbrush, eye drops, headache medicine, etc. In other words, the same things that would be in a woman's purse.

    He carrys a non-descript black canvas backpack. He takes it to work with him every day, and when he's going to other places he takes it maybe 50% of the time. He's the first guy I've known to carry around a backpack, but quite honestly, I don't see how all other men can go around WITHOUT carrying one.
  8. My hubby puts everything in his pockets or trys to claim space in my handbag when we go out .... it drives me mad because i end up with my own things and his , hence why i'm trying to get him his own :yes:
  9. LOL

    I remember that my dad would try to pull the same thing with my mom. She ended up having more of HIS stuff in her purse than hers!
  10. my hubby just this morning expressed interest in the Prada messenger/computer bags.
  11. I have just shown my husband your post and his response was "does that mean i have to carry my laptop everywhere too" LOL He does actually have a plain black laptop bag but it never leaves the house so alot of use that is :roflmfao:
  12. I have to carry his wallet, keys, smokes and lighter, mobile phone, chewing gum and pretty much anything he doesn't want to carry LOL
  13. I saw one just this morning on a mannequin at Nordstrom. Didn't look close enough to get name or anything but it was a beautiful tan distressed leather messenger bag.
  14. I'm in the UK so we don't have a Nordstrom :sad:
  15. Paul Smith has some nice men's bags.