man bag rant and replacement

  1. It has been said that a straight man can't carry a man bag or murse. But I, personally, disagree. I love having all the things i need with me without having pockets that stick out. What do you think? If you think its okay to carry a bag should I replace my, kinda dirty, antigua LV Cup 2006 Gm with a couguar or another bag?
  2. I have a messenger and a geronimos.. i see nothing wrong with them. Carrying your stuff neatly in a bag is 100x better than stuffing it your pockets.
  3. Of course they can my BF has the Olav PM (messenger style) & sac Excursion (hand held)
  4. I just got my first "man bag" (a Gange). I love it and I haven't even used it yet. I am more into big bags, keepalls, montsouris, etc.
  5. Label Addict, how does he use/like the excursion?
  6. ^ I use it for squash shoes, to take paperwork to and from work it fits A4 it's a very useful bag.
  7. thanks! Mr Label Addict and welcome to tPF
  8. I think it's awesome to have a great bag to carry your stuff in no matter whether your a man or a woman!!

    Carry your bag with pride!!!!
  9. My hubby likes to have a bag...but he will not carry LV. With Cell phone, Ipod, Wallet, keys, gum/mints, and the few papers he likes to always have with him (boy's hockey schedules, etc) plus maybe a banana or whatever else he needs on any given day, he really likes it.

    His requirements were almost impossible;
    Can't be too big, nor too small.
    Can't look like a backpack, can't look like a briefcase.
    Def. can't look like a purse.
    No logos or recognizable designer.

    OMG, he is pickier than a women....finally I found him a Tumi, he likes it, but for the price ($450) I would have rather got him something LV.

    Here is is Tumi success bag (He has the all black version):



  10. The most designery my husband will get is his Jack Spade messenger bag, which I bought him. He likes it a lot though... maybe someday he'll upgrade.
  11. I suggest a Damier Geant Messager, compagnon or Citadin depnding one what you meed to carry as they are different sizes. I also think the Damier messenger Melville or Utah Wichita are AWESOME bags ebcuase they are not to big, but not too small!

    P.S OMG How AMAZING is it that we have Mr. Label Addict here now, and how wonderful that you are secure enough to join a purse forum! It's always wonderful seeing guys who love LV here!!!!! Looking forward to more posts from you!
  12. It seems like any country but the US, is it acceptable for men to carry a bag. I think it's perfectly okay. I guess people in the US travel by car, so most men don't have to carry one. But in Japan a lot of men (pedestrians or businessmen) carry bags; LVs, GUCCIs, HERMES, etc...
  13. My boyfriend carries a Paul Smith messenger bag, and he's as straight as they come! I think the bag looks great on him.
  14. wish i had a BF who understood LV! lol. dates usually notice my bag the first time i go out with them and i think they all get a little scared off by it. lol.
  15. In all honesty i wouldn't be upset or angry for people judging men who carry bags (most don't but i think it is a genreational thing). But i think it is pefectly OK. I draw the line at evening cluth though.