Man bag / "purse" - Any idea ?


May 11, 2007
Hi everybody

I've been looking (several times - each day) at LV's homepage because i really need some kind of a bag/"clutch"/"purse" .
Everyday I carrey all this stuff like: cellphone, calender (I have the PM model in epi), wallet, keys - on sunny days; a bottle of water, and so on..
For this I'm thinking:
- Damier - Macao Clutch
- Damier - Saint Louis Vuitton
- Epi - Pochette Homme
- Suhali - L'inseparable (Know the line is for women, but I just love it)
.. Please help me out here with a few comments, ideas or whatever you have on your mind :P

Also, I'm looking for a big bag which can be used for school. This mean that it should be big enough to carry several books and A4 papers.
Here I was thinking:
- Monogram/Utah/Tobago - Carryall
- Epi - Keepall45
.. Also : A little help please ;)


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Sep 25, 2006
I noticed you didn't list anything from the monogram collection, but what about the Orsay? I have this, and it's so roomy and versatile. I carry it as a clutch, and I can also toss it into a bag/briefcase for work. It's bigger than the macau, and easy to keep clean, as it has no vachetta. Just a suggestion...!