Man and his 19 year old dog

  1. That is so sweet. The dog looks so content and happy. :cry:
  2. Awww that is the cutest thing ever! :cry:
  3. This is such a beautiful story. :heart: I read a longer story about them a few days ago (but I can't find it now!), talking about how the photos went viral and how some people have made donations allowing the dog to have more extensive treatment for his arthritis.
  4. Such a heartwarming story. The first time I read this, tears were welling up in my eyes. :cry:

    ^Oh wow, people donated? Yey! Hope that alleviates the pain of the poor dog. :cloud9:
  5. I made the mistake of trying to read this story while at work. I had to run to the bathroom before anyone saw the tears rolling down my face. Such a heartwarming story.
  6. This is beautiful.
  7. Such a beautiful story. My eyes tearing up cry:cry
  8. I've got something in my eye. *sniff*