Man acts as human shark bait

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    From correspondents in Wellington | January 07, 2008

    A NEW Zealand man risked life and limb by dangling upside-down in the sea to take close-up pictures of a circling great white shark.
    Builder Gary Porter asked friends to hold him by the ankles from their small boat as he dunked his upper body in the water to snap the 4m predator less than 2m away.
    "I just wanted to get some photos of this amazing creature,'' Mr Porter said on Radio New Zealand.
    :I've got a few regrets about not hopping in with it and having a good swim with it.''
    Mr Porter was on a diving expedition with three friends near Kapiti Island, near Wellington, on Saturday when they spotted the huge shark as they were about to enter the water.
    The shark circled their 6.5m boat continuously, apparently attracted by the outboard motor.
    "He'd go around the back of the boat and then circle it, and come right up to the side of the boat. You could touch him if you wanted to,'' Mr Porter said.
    Emboldened by the shark's apparent lack of aggression, Mr Porter dipped his arm in the sea to take underwater photos with a waterproof digital camera, but could not get a good shot.
    So his friends grabbed him by the ankles as he dunked the top of his body in the water to get the shots he wanted.
    The shark was less than 2m away as Mr Porter snapped away, and luckily there was no snapping back by the great white.
    "We threw him a fish but he wasn't really interested in it, he was a pretty docile shark,'' he said.
  2. I guess that was kind of stupid. I personally would not have done that, but to each their own right? If you enjoy sticking your head in front of a shark, then all the power to you.
  3. very brave indeed lol
  4. Darwin award material right there. :tup:
  5. ^ Indeed. What the man did was beyond dangerous and stupid.
  6. my thoughts exactly. I wonder how his "helpful" friends would've felt if the shark had bit the man in two :s
  7. This is a classic case of boredom, my friends.
  8. Madness!
  9. Crazy!