Man, 24, Has Operation For Breast Cancer

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  1. [​IMG] Shocked: Nick Avery shows his scar

    A man diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24 today spoke of his shock.

    Nicky Avery, believed to be the youngest man to suffer the disease, ignored the lump near his left nipple until his girlfriend encouraged him to see a doctor.

    Scans and a biopsy in August revealed the lump was cancerous and he has since had part of his nipple and breast removed, leaving a large scar.
    Mr Avery, a labourer from Southend, said he had previously thought the disease only affected women. He said: "My doctor said I'm the youngest man in Britain to get it. When they told me I had breast cancer I was shocked. I felt numb. I thought 'blokes aren't supposed to get breast cancer'."
    Mr Avery is due to start chemotherapy. He added: "I'm feeling good. I'm a massive Arsenal fan and Thierry Henry sent me a signed photo, wishing me well. I was over the moon. Other men should be aware that breast cancer can happen to them too."
  2. wow. i dont know what to say but wow.
  3. I've actually heard about men getting breast cancer but it is a low number is there isn't much media attention given.
  4. yeah, from what I hear.. very few incidents do happen to men.. well... i guess, that just goes to show how very impt it is to have regular check ups with the doctor..
  5. This is a good thing that he is speaking out...maybe he will help someone.

    Wish him the best!
  6. Very surprising..
  7. Ouch. Poor guy. :sad:

    I don't want to be controversial, but a few minutes research into the alternative parts of the net will give you good tips on some food additives to avoid, which are carcinogenic but have still been approved due to (insert reason) and which will ultimately not do you ANY harm by being deprived of them.

    Shutting up now.... ;)

  8. Just like women are to do montly self-breast exams, men are too. They rate of men having breast cancer is much lower than women, but it is still a chance- and this man goes to prove it (Sooooo young too) I hope they got it all and he is ok...
  9. My Grandfather had breast cancer, had do to the whole cemotherepy, but he recovered quickly, and is doing fine!!
  10. Wow I didn't know that was possible! :shrugs:
  11. How very "Oz"!
  12. i didn't know it can happen to men too....:wtf:
  13. How sad! Speaking of breast cancer, I just found out that a friend of mine has been diagonised with breast cancer - she's 33! How sad!!!
  14. I work in Oncology and knew that men could get breast ca.
    It is not common, but it happens.
    Men need to do testicular and breast exams the way women do breast exams, on a monthly basis.

    The most common malignancy for young men is testicular and hodgkins lymphoma.

    Both can be treatable if found quickly.

    WOMEN, make your SO, hubbies, etc. check themselves! They don't know or don't want to.
    There isn't near enough publicity, so it is not commonly known...