1. Hi ladies!

    Is it time for your mammogram? Don't forget, if you are in the age range to begin mammograms...make your appointment.

    If breast cancer runs in your family...please ask your doctor when you should begin having your first mammogram. (regardless of your age)

    I had mine earlier this year and thought no big deal...then I received the phone call. I needed a biopsy. What an ordeal! Well, turned out fine and now, six months later I must go again.

    It can save your life...:yes:
  2. Thanks kellybag! I read somewhere that breast cancer effects 1 out of every 7/8 women. If you have a family history you need to get mammograms at a younger age.
  3. Kellybag I am so happy for you that everything turned out OK. I would also suggest if you can to get ultraosunds with your yearly mammorgrams, they show more detail than a mammogram. I just had mine last month and I also have a followup with a Breast Doctor. I started going for Mams before I turned 40 b/c my Mom is a survivor. I would suggest for anyone to go as early as they can even if there is no family history. Too many young people in their 30's are being diagnosed with no family history. Thanks for the reminder!!
  4. Thank you angelica and ladyzee! I did have an ultrasound and it was important to my findings as well.

    I just hope someone may read this and make sure they get out there and get their test. There is no reason not too. This is one thing we can beat...why take a chance!!!
  5. It's true. It can be beaten. Breast cancer now has a 5 year survivability rate of 88%. And given that most patients are over 70 with higher baseline mortality rates, that gives younger women an even higher rate of survivability.

    But only if they are diagnosed and treated.
  6. okay so during a mammogram (forgive me, I'm too young to need a mammo) they squeeze your breast between two plates (mom says it really hurts!). Well..I have pretty much no chest at all (I'm smaller than a 32A) so how would that work, or would it?
  7. My tech asked me if I had lost weight over the last year since my breast tissue was less.
  8. yea my grandmothers sisters have all had cancer from breast to skin etc so im very cautious. my father is an oncologist too so I guess that adds to it. im 30 and had my first one a few months ago.. quite a process.. little bit painful and uncomfortable but well worth the peace of mind!
  9. They are really not that painful, IMO. Much better than chemo, I am sure. All ladies of a certain age or with that blasted breast cancer DNA should get one.
  10. The digital mammography is not nearly as painful as the traditional compression. I had to have two mammograms in my early thirties due to fibrocystic tissue, and my maternal grandmother dying of breast cancer at a relatively young age. The first mammogram literally brought tears to my eyes, but when I mentioned the pain to the technician the following year, she used only as much compression as necessary. My last mammogram was digital, and was far less uncomfortable than the earlier exams.

    Thanks for the reminder - I do need to schedule a mammogram.
  11. The normal age for a healthy woman with no history of breast cancer in her family is 40 for your first mammogram.

    Remember, doing self exams daily is just as important as the mammogram itself. There isn't much difference between a regular and digital mammography. If your technician is hurting you speak up, there should be no pain you should only feel pressure. If it still hurts after you have said something, look for another facility or technician to perform your next one.

    How do I know this I work in the field!
  12. IMO I would not wait till I was 40 for a mammogram. If you ever go on and read the forums you would be shocked at the number of ladies diagnosed with BC in their 30's. Many without any family history.
  13. I had my first one a couple of years ago and I have to admit I skipped mine so far this year. It would help if it didn't feel like they were trying to rip my boobs off. (sorry to be so graphic, but if this procedure was done on men they would find a way to make it comfortable, kwim?)
  14. Thanks for the reminder, i already booked my ultrasound for next year. Definitely important and important for a papsmear. Which reminds me to do this week.:yucky:
  15. I had my first mammogram last year at age 33. My sister was diagnosed with BC five years ago when she was only 33 and with no family history. I expected it to be horrible and personally, I thought it wasn't bad at all.

    Don't let the fear of the procedure keep you from having the test!