%#%#%#Mammabyrdie's Wild Reveal#%#%#%

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  1. We start our journey at the zoo.
  2. Now I know what bag you had on at the zoo.....what happened next?
  3. There were pyhtons and flamingos!
    008.JPG 017.JPG
  4. Ok.....:yes: tell us more
  5. Here :smile:
  6. They are growing up so nicely.....what did you run into next.....and how did it make it to the zoo:graucho:
  7. Also a tiger (in the back) and a new mother protecting her young.
    011.JPG 019.JPG
  8. and then :smile:

    Your baby is so cute
  9. what's next? :smile:
  10. Well what do we have here? A rare French beauty! Let's watch as she sheds her skin.
    043.JPG 044.JPG
  11. Soo Adorable! You have a beautiful Family! I never been to SD Zoo But have passes good till june 2013;)
  12. OOOh my
  13. Ooh. Speedy B,hands free (not like your hands arent full already)
  14. OMG! Please tell me theres a LV at the ZOO! LOL OPEN OPEN DE speedy?
  15. Looks like a member of the common Damier family. Still a beauty!
    045.JPG 046.JPG