Mammab's Bag Corrupted Me!!!

  1. Mammab posted a pic of her GORGEOUS new chocolate shopper tote the other day (here is the link if you missed it: and it inspired me to call Chloe to see if they would let me exchange my pocket. I sent the pocket back today, and hopefully by the end of next week I will have a new choco shopper! :nuts:
  2. Wow!! That is sooooo awesome!!

    You are so lucky that they let you exchange! How long did you have the pocket? That choco shopper is my dream bag. I want one too! Please post lots of pics!
  3. Yay, ET!!! I know what u mean about mammab's post! Her pics were sooo well yeah, inspirational! lol! Can't wait for u to get your bag:smile:)
  4. awww congratz!!!
  5. Varsha, I did not have it very long...maybe a couple of weeks? The mousse is my dream bag, but they did not have anything in mousse. Choco will be great for fall, though. I can use it for school.
  6. Where's the jumping up and down icon?? Hurray!! What a perfect solution. I agree mammab's bag is inspiring and this is a wonderful end to your blanc era.... can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. Great! Mousse would be nice too, but I think you did great with the chocolate. I just saw a paddy satchel in chocolate the other day and the coloor is soooo rich and gently distressed and absolutely beautiful. I love really big bags. I think Mammab will have a bunch of clones this season!!
  8. Maybe I can get a mousse when next season's colors come in and people want to change out...I don't mind a pre-broken in model! Or I may order one from LVR once my finances recover from five bags and tax season! :worried:
  9. Wow! I am a bit suprised given other "customer service" reports... What great fun! Love that new bag anticipation. Looking forward to more pics!
  10. ET -- I think you made an excellent decision! It will be perfect for school (books, pens, etc.) I love it, I feel like I can really use this bag w/o worrying about messing it up (Blanc, for example).

    Here are some more pictures of mine to get your juices flowing :biggrin:
  11. mammab those extras pics are so wonderfully wicked!! Thanks!!
  12. Ugh, I feel so taunted, LOL! :biggrin: That is one hot bag for a hot mammab, LOL!! If I had an extra $1910 lying around the house :lol: LMAO:lol: at that probability), I know what to buy...:love:
  13. Thanks Mammab! Under any other circumstances, those pics would be cruel! LOL!:lol: I haven't seen it before in the "slouchy" looks nice! But that pic on the back of the chair just GOT me! How deep is the bag (front to back)? Is it a dark chocolate, or more of a milk chocolate color? I have something to look forward to next week!
  14. Whoa! FABULOUS!!! Thanks Mammab! You're such an enabler, lol! I've got to stop coming here;) ET, I'm so waiting for yours to arrive!
  15. ETenebris, congrats!!! I can't wait for you to get it either :smile:
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