1. Does anyone own a mamma bag? i can't remember EVER seeing any on eBay.

    But every time i go to the tokidoki blog archive, i see it and want one sooooooo bad. it's so kyoot!!!

    but seriously. does ANYONE own one?! if so, you are the luckiest person evar.
  2. i saw one in spiaggia and notte at Nordstroms... i thought it was really cute when i saw it online too... but i have to say i dont really like it in person T-T i think the BV is better. the straps on the mamma mia are too short... its kind of an armpit bag
  3. i have a paradiso and inferno. but.. i haven't used it yet. LOL
  4. I think she meant the discontinued Mamma; the one that was only made for the first two seasons.. ?
  5. waaaait.......Mamma. Not mamma mia. the teeeny one!

    it's on the archive, there are pics of it in the playground prints at the top of the page.

    it was only released in OP and the Playground prints, then was discontinued with the bella bellas.
  6. oh! sorry lol
  7. I think you're talking about Mamma Mia...and she's talking about Mamma...?

    But yeah, a few people on here have Mammas, but not much. I think at most, maybe I've seen four.
  8. i've seen one on LJ and a few on eBay. pretty rare. i always search for "tokidoki mamma" rather than mamma mia for that reason :p
  9. ooh lol i didn't even realize. i read the post above me and got mistaken. sorry! :lol:
  10. I have a mamma in black. I use it pretty much every day and I love it. I bought it when they first came out. :tup:It has held up incredibly well, I will try to post a pic later, my digital camera just ran out of juice.
  11. oooh! I'M SO JEALOUS! it seems like it would be such a good size and shape! i can't wait to see pics!

    haha- i also search tokidoki mamma on eBay for that reason.
  12. i want to see all three lined up together! the mamma sounds adorable but i don't know if i could use anything smaller than my mamma mia
  13. I have never seen the Mamma up close..on on the tokidoki blog archive. I would love to see pics too!
  14. lolz didnt even know that existed!! i want to see one with mamma mia and bv , side by side. LOLZ....wish someone here had all 3 for us to see!!
  15. aw, it's so cute. i happen to have one. here's a picture of a comparison. the mamma was my first tokidoki bag i ever got, but was too small, so i got a mamma mia..