Mamma Mia

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  1. What is the retail price for a Mamma Mia?
  2. $130
    and $157 in hawaii
  3. thank you!
  4. i buy my toki's online... and how come every single site does NOT carry the mamma mia style!!!!? whyy!!! (just curious) ive tried metropark, LSS's site, karmaloop, tobi... i just dont want to resort to eBay!
  5. Are you looking for newer print ones? Mamma Mias are discontinued in mainland US.
  6. newer as in the ones released after the famiglia print? i *beleive, not sure ive seen a famiglia MM..?
  7. they still make mamma mias. there is a famiglia mamma mia, as well as tutti & trasporto prints in the mamma mia size. did it really not come out in those prints over there on the mainland?
  8. I've got a famiglia MM and it is adorable. I got it on LJ so I don't have a clue where it was originally purchased.
  9. i suppose not, i'd loveeee a transporto mamma mia though =T
  10. Mamma mias were no longer available for purchase on the mainland or through the LeSportsac website after the spiaggia or famiglia print, I always forget which one.

    LeSportsac still makes mamma mias (and caramellas for that matter), but they are only available in Hawaii and Guam LSS stores.
  11. Oh, that explains a lot. I was thinking that the MM would be the perfect size for me, but the SA said that they discontinued that bag so I got a BV instead. I love the shape, I just wanted something a touch smaller. And then a few TPF'ers have the Vacanze MM, but they are Hawaiian! Lucky!
  12. heheeh good news, my friend went to the LSS store and got me the last MM!!! So I have no idea whether it had good placement or not seeing that it was the last one. The clerk prolly had to go to the back to get since I doubt a lone MM would just be sitting on the shelf like that..... I'll see.
  13. People from Hawaii are not necessarily "Hawaiian"
  14. Famiglia MM's were definitely available here on the mainland, I bought mine at Nordstrom. :smile: