Mamma mia vs. Zucca vs. Buon Viaggio

  1. Which one is bigger? Or are they comparable sizes?

    Also, which is the better playground print? Black or camo?

    Tax refund got here today and I'm going to be doing some shopping tomorrow!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I think BV (Biggest) > Zucca > Mamma Mia
    Or maybe Zucca and mamma mia holds around the same
    I prefer the olive cammo, if you are asking between the black and olive. but I like the tan playground better than cammos
  3. I'm in a Tokidoki quandry. I contacted the outlet stores, and they have the camo prints in olive and black. But I'm just not a big fan of those, or at least the pics I've seen. But they are cheaper than the new prints. BUT I want the new prints but I'm wondering if I should wait and see if I find those cheaper. :drool:

    Here's my list so far of what I'm buying with my refund, lol.

    1. Playground bracelet.
    2. Adios/ciao ciao tshirt
    3. Adios hoodie (should I, should I not? It's 80 bucks!!)
    4. Two bags for me-do I get the cheaper ones or just go for broke and get the Pirata and Adios prints I wanted?
    5. One bag for my daughter-she's 6, does she need a Dolce in Pirata?

    Maybe I should have titled this Too Many Tokidoki Choices!!!
  4. MAlleficent: If I were your daughter, I would choose a dolce in Paradiso print with babies on them.. they are the cutest !
  5. I suggested that one to her, but she LOVES pirates. She's been a pirate for Halloween since she was 4. It's kind of scary really. :nuts:
  6. Yes! Paradiso print is soo cute!
  7. Yeah I agree I think Pirata is a little "grown up" for a six year old. Paradiso or Foresta.
  8. malleficent - Your daughter is so adorable! They should redo the pirata print with toki babies! :smile:
  9. 4. I think you should buy bags that you actually like, rather than getting a cheaper bag that you may regret later on
    5. Does your daughter wants one (you didnt mention that she actually wants it)? If she does then buy it for her, if not, save more $$$ for yourself ;). If she prefer pirata than paradiso, then get her pirata. kids end up happier getting the stuff they like rather than what parents think is better for them:sweatdrop:
  10. Is the pirata print racy? She might have to "make do" with the paradiso then. She's going to want to show it to all of her friends, and I don't need to be a questionable mom, lol.
  11. Oh yeah, she definitely wants one. She tried to take my inferno zucca away from me when I got it.
  12. lol, she's pretty grown up as a 6-year-old. I never think of purses when I was 6 i think. All i think was toys and pets....
  13. hehe I'm trying to picture a 6 year old with a zucca... isn't that a bit big :p but it's really cute. and I'm w/ azumie... I liked my little pony tales and care bears when I was 6... never thought about anything else really other than cartoons and stuffed animals (i'm still a little kid w/ her cartoons and toys :sweatdrop:)
  14. She is all girl. She steals my fashion magazines. Picks out her own clothes. Saves up her "allowance" for nail polish and/or lip gloss (not that she can actually wear it anywhere, lol). And informs me on a daily basis how cool she is.
    I can only imagine what it's going to be like when she becomes a teenager.
  15. Well if it's that bad now when she's 6, then....have fun being broke when she grows up. LOL. She reminds me when I was 6. I was girly girly and still am.