Mamma mia vs. gioco

  1. I'm having a hard time deciding on a pirata style. I really want a bella. The only place I've seen it is on Lesportsac's website. But pulse has that discount plus free ship so it is a good deal. But no bella just in adios. Which one would you ladies go with for an everyday bag the mamma mia or the gioco?
  2. Thanks for posting this question. I am interested a new style bag also and wonder if the giocco would make a good everyday bag.
  3. I have a gioco in citta rosa and i love it. Its true that its hard to get in and out, and you have to put down the bag to open it. And sometimes if you only put a couple small items (like what I normally do), it can get imbalanced and all ur stuff tend to fall towards one side. I hope it make sense. Mamma mia might be easier and more practical to use, I dont have one but I have a BV, so more or less i know how it will feel. Well although gioco is kinda *hard* to use, but it looks cute!;)
  4. Gioco was my first tokidoki bag (and 2nd lol). When I saw it, I just absolutely had to have it. I love the shape and how it's so cute and looks a bit formal at the same time. The look of the bag is great but as for getting stuff in and out of the bag, it's somewhat of a pain.. Mainly due to how it folds in the middle so if you slip off one handle to get something, everything would shift to one side. It's much better if you have something to set the bag down first and then get the stuff out. I haven't gotten a mamma mia yet so I can't really say if the mamma mia is better. I tried on the BV though, and it's much easier to use than the gioco. Would think mamma mia is even better than BV. Even though it's hard to get my stuff out of the bag, I still use the gioco as my everyday bag. Going to continue to use it since it just looks sooo good. :biggrin:
  5. I'm a fan of the Mamma Mia . Perfect for everyday use.:yes:
  6. I have both, I DEFINITELY prefer the mamma mia. Gioco is way cute but just so hard to get in and out of, like the others said....
  7. i like giocos.... a lot more people have the mamma mia tho and wear it more often so up to you!! i like the unique style of the gioco more
  8. I have 3 mamma mias and I agree w/what the others said. It can be a pain to get into but it looks amazing on!! If you have a counter to sit it down on it's no problem...I have the trouble when I'm looking for something w/out anywhere to sit it...I just make my BF hold it open for me!! :graucho:
    I'm not a fan of the mesh pockets on the sides of the mamma mia but that is also a cute lil purse! IMO the gioco probably holds more than the mamma mia. It doesn't look as big as it is. You can keep stuffing it and it never gets full! It holds magazines, water, you name it, it fits!

    If you get the gioco make sure it has a good print on the bottom. It took me a while to realize that the bottom of the bag is what most people will see when you're carrying it b/c of the way it hangs on your arm!
  9. I have both bags and I hardly use my gioco because its so annoying to get in and out of and when you do set it down it expands and takes up to much space so I would pick mamma mia. Actually I would pick Zucca :rochard:
  10. Zucca...zucca...zucca ! I'm w/you!!! I just went to the store...picked up 2 bottles o vino and they fit in my zucca!!!! :yahoo: It's the BEST bag EVER!!!!!!!!!:love:
  11. LOL ....i would choose mamma mia :biggrin: ...but then again...zucca might not be a bad choice either! ...just a different shape :biggrin:
  12. First choice is the Zucca :yes:

    But if I had to pick between the two I would go with the Mama mia because it is easier to get into.
  13. mamma mia!! esp for everyday, since the giocio is so hard to get into it for everyday.
  14. After much debate I think I will go with the mamma mia on this one. Sounds like it is an easier bag to get in and out of and that is what I need. Zucca is definitely too big for me. Especially if you can fit two bottles of wine it, lol! :p
  15. Isn't that kinda heavy putting 2 bottles of wine in your zucca ?:drinkup:
    I'd be afraid it would break off the straps or something on the purse. :tispy: